Friday, 15 August 2008

Finally, Home?

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Random Car Thoughts

Well, I'm blogging now from my dad's TrailBlazer, sitting in the only fouth of a backseat left after the horror that was called "packing" last night. I can barely move. I apologise for the lack of posts, I had a couple of filler posts planned, but I kind of decided that my last week would be with family instead of the Internet, so I neglected the blog with my bored tired missions trip post. But that won't matter in five hours because I'll be in Clemson ready for move-in insanity tomorrow at 8 in the morning. It's really something to know that college is less than a week away.

I'd also like to apologise for the tone of my post now, because my mind is wandering for numerous reasons, and I don't like going back to re-write something on CellSpin, my iPhone blogging app. It's good, but they need to make a couple of updates to it. It's still the best on iTunes for Blogger blogs though. [Pardon the random comment but I just saw gas for $3.37 a gallon, we're stopping to get gas now.].

I'd like to make a remark about packing for college students or future college students. SpaceBags. If you've seen them on TV or somewhere, and wondered if they work, they do. We got some last night because my clothes and I wouldn't fit in the car together, so after a trip to Wal•Mart [no local Target] we had four Space Bags. For those who don't know what they do, SpaceBags store your clothes, blankets, comforters so that you don't waste untold amounts of space by allowing you to suck the air out with a standard vacuum. Very fun to watch. They're definitely a lifesaver when car space or general space is limited.

I probably have more suggestions, anecdotes, comments, etc in my head, but now I'm tired and learning again why I hate my father's driving [I'm not allowed by parents to have my truck *sigh*]. Oh well. Jya mata for now.

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Bored On A Missions Trip

So I'm writing right now from a couch surrounded by people watching some army movie, tired out of my mind. I'm a bit bored because I could be watching Monty Python. I'm tired because we've been working on a house in a remote location near Charleston, SC. The essentials of our job is paint a hot tin roof with a thick paint-like substance called Hydro-Stop, then laying a mesh over the hopefully still wet Hydro-Stop, and then repainting another layer of Hydro-Stop. It's rough, but I'm glad that we can do it. It's very hot. That's the only problem. Heat advisories, tin rooves, unstable scaffolding, huzzah! We've gotten the chance to meet the people who live there this time too [we couldn't meet the people on last year's trip].

I can't believe we're watching this instead of Monty Python. I'm bored. Sorry for the meaningless post but I haven't posted in a while and I figured I wouldn't "leave ya'll hanging" like that. Oh well I'll have a college related post soon, or one with actual content. In more unrelated news, I've got a new awesome item from my favourite electronics maker.

Thursday, 17 July 2008

Tasting the Orange and Purple [and a Little Red]

So, I'm not dead. I spent the weekend before last at Clemson for orientation, and I've been...recovering since. It was definitely a trip, and Clemson is a beautiful place. I've found out my roommate, my house assignment, and I get started making my list of things to pack/buy for my room today. I'm warming up to everything up there, but it'll take some time get fully adjusted.  Sadly, orientation for me was a good bit boring. We started off by going to a bunch of meetings to tell us a bunch of stuff that we knew from prior mailings and web searches. Then lunch, and then after that more meetings. Second day, I finally got to register for classes, after everyone else [engineering students got second to last dibs at classes]. So, after getting all happy about my crashing spaceship/Conway's Game of Life reject schedule, my hopes were quickly dashed to the rocks when I actually did register. Now, my schedule looks...schedulish. It doesn't really have much of a distinct look to it.


But c'est la vie. As for my language course, YUP! I'm taking Chinese. I even checked for Spanish for my parents, but it was all booked up from 101 to 30*. I can't wait for Chinese 101. I really want to get started digging into the courses like I never have, and I can't wait for all the new opportunities college has to offer [forgive me if it sounds dorky]. School starts in 28 days, wooo!

In other news, I got to tour my "local" Honda plant last weekend. They don't make cars, but they do produce ATV's from top to bottom and assemble and ship PWC's. Getting to tour the plant was awesome, and I definitely learned a lot about mass production while I was there. It did leave me with a bunch of questions that a bunch of people were unable to answer, so I'm going to be doing all sorts of research on behalf of these questions. I even got the opportunity to talk the Assistant Manager, and, after talking a while, I may get the chance to have a co-op there next year! lol I'd love to be the one to test the vehicles. The machines, the harmony of the mechanisms, the robots, it all was crazy interesting. Most of the robots weren't performing their day-to-day tasks though, most were doing the equivalency of side show tricks. One robot was programmed to dance to the Cha Cha Slide, for example. I have pictures, but I was spoiled by the memory card slot on my old laptop, and I don't know where my cord is for my camera. I promise I'll search for it in the coming weeks.

I'm out of topics and with no pics so that's enough for tonight. Jya' Ne and happy trails.

P.S. - Guys, if I'm to trust my map of places my readers come from...some of you guys/gals are from all sorts of places. Canada, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Spain, Britain, India, Germany, Indonesia, China, Denmark, and even the U.A.E. if I'm not mistaken. Awesome guys! How's it going? What's up? Also, did ya'll hear about my blog [this question goes for a good bit of the Americans too]. I mean, seriously, I have a good idea about a couple of ya'll, but seriously, how'd ya'll find me, and if ya'll came with some questions about my college searches, college choices, or anything else, don't be afraid to ask. Just leave a comment, I respond, seriously.

Saturday, 5 July 2008

Printers, Cars, and the Chinese?

OK, I want to first apologise for my little tirade on grammar.  I've thought it over, and I will be proofing and correcting myself from now on.  I realise that it does make it difficult to read and understand, so I'll try to do better, promise.  I'm also trying to keep things flowing better, so I hope to update more frequently now.  I'll try my best.  

So now for content.  I GOT A GOOD PRINTER!!!  I now never have to worry about another horrid Lexmark ink cartridge, scanner, or printer.  Now I have an HP Photosmart C4385.  It's got wireless printing, a scanner, a printer, memory card slots, and all sorts of fancy stuff.  I recommend it to everyone.  Just check it out.  It's decently priced, cheap but good ink, and works good.  It's great. 

I had an HP in the beginning, but it was just a printer, a good printer, but just a printer.  When I got my HP laptop, it had Vista, and thus couldn't use it with my little HP XP-only printer.  The computer came with a Lexmark All-in-One though, so I figured, "Hey, free all-in-one, this is awesome."  Or so I thought.  The printer was fine at first, but after a while, the problems began.  I could print 1 to 2 page documents with ummmm.... decent ease, and most things would be of good quality.  One thing with which I didn't have ease with was printing large documents.  Anything over 3 or 4 pages made me want to rip my fingers off for even daring to click "Print."  It would print one or two pages and then boom, it'd stop.  This is annoying, especially when ye have a 12 page paper to print, and you need to have it before midnight because SOME people don't understand that ye're printer loves to watch you suffer.  My angst towards Lexmark remains to this day (btw, don't even try their customer service lines).  

In other news, I think I've made my final tweaks to the design on my electric vehicle, and I'm hoping to get started on it soon.  It's actually too bad I've started this late.  I just found information about something called the Progressive Auto X Prize.  I KNOW!  An X Prize, that's for new vehicle designs and ideas!  *bli*  But the final competition is in 2009, which means I'd probably have to get this thing built in 6 months when one of my components hasn't even been released (meaning I have no clue how it will work in my design), and my amount of funds for other materials is a strong bit lacking.  BAH.  I've thought about finding sponsors, but I wouldn't even know how to start that, and who would want to help fund some whim idea that I had?  

I have had a good bit of fun going to car dealerships though.  It's been really interesting.  The reactions of some of the dealers and just seeing the "help" that they've provided is hilarious.  I've even had a bunch of my thoughts and ideas on some companies helped and hurt so far.  I asked the people simple questions:  "Does your company have any electric or hybrid vehicles for sale?" "Do ye have any brochures about your company's electric/hybrid vehicles or what your company is doing to help the environment?" and then for the ones able to answer, "May I take a look at some of your hybrids?" 

The only thing that I didn't tell them was that I'd already knew most of this information.  Most of the dealers did ok with the second question.  I got a good stack of brochures, but a couple were VERY disappointing  [I'm looking at you Ford, Mitsubishi, and Honda *gives mean look*].  I was very impressed with the detail of Chevy's, Nissan's, and Toyota's info, however.  It really seems like these guys cared about you buying their stuff, and wanted to make sure you had a good or at least decent idea of what ye were getting.  The people at the Chevy and Toyota places were also nicer, more knowledgeable, and way more helpful than those at the Ford, Jeep, Honda, Mitsubishi, Saturn, Acura, Buick, Cadillac, Chrysler, Dodge, GMC, Pontiac, Suburu, and Mercury [i.e. Every car dealership within a 30-40 mile radius of my home] dealerships.  

The first and third question is where I lost a couple of the dealers.  Some knew all about the vehicles that had come out from their companies, and were able to fill me in on some information that actually helped [TOYOTA].  Some, however, didn't even say a word about the vehicles that had actually come out.  Ford with the Escape and Focus, Honda with the Civic [which I can say I got a full HALF A PAGE about by accident], GMC with the Sierra,  Dodge with the Durango, Mercury with the Mariner, Chrysler with the Aspen, and Cadillac with the Escalade.  

No lie, the people didn't even say a word about any of these vehicles when I was posing as the unchaperoned out-of-school college student looking for a new hybrid/electric car/truck/SUV.  These are out, and they should know about it.  Maybe it's a dealer thing, but I know most hybrids aren't cheap, so I'd have thought they'd want to sell me one.  Who knows.  Chevy and Toyota really impressed me though.  The people were very knowledgeable about their vehicles, knew what stuff they had, if they could get it, where I could get it [at times], and were able to give me proper information about their vehicles.  The only turn-offs to these two were that no one at the Chevy place knew about the upcoming Silverado hybrid, and I was mistaken again for being Hispanic [again] at the Toyota place.  Otherwise these guys were great.  If ye're in South Carolina and want a Toyota vehicle, look me up, I'll give ye the name of the awesome guy at the Toyota place I talked to.  

In other news, after tinkering with Clemson's Demo Class Registration program, I think I know what my schedule is going to look like next semester.  Elementary Chinese, General Chemistry, Engineering Disciplines and Skills, Calculus of One Variable I, and Accelerated Composition.  All my classes before 2:30 too [save for the obligatory spoil sport {chemistry lab}].  Yatta!  I hate late classes, because my concentration seems to go into a downward spiral after lunch, and if I can get this schedule, it'd leave my entire rest of day clear! *is crossing fingers hoping to get this schedule*

Is it just me or does it remind you of a Game of Life?  Maybe it just looks like a rocket slamming into a wall, either way, I like it, and it'll give me 2 more hours than I need for first semester.  I've gotten into a couple of arguments with my parents over my decision to take Elementary Chinese though.

For those of ya'll not familiar with Clemson's first year General Engineering path, ye're required to take General Chemistry, Engineering Disciplines and Skills, Calculus of One Variable I, and Accelerated Composition.  Ye're then required to take one social science or arts and humanities class, kinda like the HASS requirement at MIT I'm assuming.  This narrows my choices of extra class a good bit, but as some readers know, I have a strong affinity for languages, which is why I wanted to use a language for my SS/A&H requirement.  My parents understood this, and I immediately looked at the languages I could take at Clemson.  American Sign Language [*bli*], Arabic [*bli*], Chinese [*unsure bli*], French [*bli*], German, Italian, Japanese [*major bli*], Russian, and Spanish.  I immediately checked Japanese and ..."SCHEDULE CONFLICT."  After a couple words I'm not proud of I decided that I could enjoy other languages, and went to American Sign Language..."SCHEDULE CONFLICT."  After my eye began to twitch a bit in anger, I re-checked the forced classes to see if they could be moved, but alas they were set in stone, so I continued.  Arabic ..."SCHEDULE CONFLICT"... French ... "SCHEDULE CONFLICT" ... [At this point I got perturbed, and just checked every foreign language remaining].  EVERY bloody language except for Chinese and Spanish was conflicting!  So, I went with my favourite, Chinese......[Before I go on let me first tell of my history with Chinese.  I've loved Asian culture since childhood.  At age 6 or 7 I started learning Mandarin Chinese on my own, but my uncle's ******* bird decided that my book'd make a delicious treat, and on my 6-7 year old salary, I wasn't going to buy a new one any time soon.  My interest later developed into me starting to learn Japanese, but the desire to learn Chinese was still there.]  Well, I made out the fake prep schedule with the Elementary Chinese and Elementary Chinese Lab on it and showed my parents what it'd look like.  For some reason, my decision for Chinese over Spanish shocked them, which surprises me since I knew most Chinese history by age 11, with the help of their watchful eyes.  

My parents, however, have gone out on this Spanish, and have done their twenty questions method to try and convince me into it.  But I think that I have won out this time.  I have no concern with learning Spanish, and no offense to Spanish people, but I find the Chinese language and culture more interesting.  Not that Spanish lang/cult isn't interesting, it's just I like Chinese better.  But who knows, knowing my luck, I probably will end up getting majorly screwed when I actually register and end up getting Spanish, but if things go right, it's Chinese for me.

In other news, I got to go to my second movie in a month [Truly a feat for me].  It was hilarious, and you should all go and see it...after you see WALL-E, that is.  What movie was it?  
Get Smart.  Definitely a good movie, I just enjoyed WALL-E better.  I'm thinking about going to see Kung-Fu Panda during Orientation [that'd be like three in a time-span of four weeks *half faints*].  I'm not sure what's going to go on at Orientation though, so I'm not holding my breath.  Also, I've got Orientation in 1 day!  That means college is like 40 days away!  That's 40 days left to play Wii before I'm forced to be separated from it for a semester!  That also means 18 days of concrete and work!  Wow, this summer has shot by, hasn't it?  In less than two months, after works over, after my mission trip, and after my last week living in the same house and always being less than an hour from my parents, I'll be in college.  It's a bit overwhelming at times really.

Oh well, enough mushy stuff, I've got to go pack for Orientation.  Jya' ne and aloha everyone!

Friday, 27 June 2008

New Stuff and I'm Changing Colour

So, I think Karen said it best when she said, "I'm not dead, just boring."  I've been working for three weeks now, and can officially state that I hate concrete.  Not joking.  Once ye've seen as much concrete get poured as I have this summer, ye'll know how I feel.  So, besides concrete, what else have I been up to?  Well, I've got a new computer!
Isn't it awesome!  I finally got my MacBook Pro!  It's so beautiful and sleek and aluminiumy [yeah, I know it's not a real word].  I also got a free nano, because I didn't really want the Touch.  I can't get over how nano the nano really is.  It's terrifyingly small, and the ability to put it in a pair of shorts without dropping trow [sp?] is helpful.  It's small, thin, square, closest to cardinal red I could find, and part of the money spent on it [technically none, but hey, I'm perfectly fine with sneaking a way to just force Apple donate money to charity] is donated to help women and children afflicted by HIV/AIDS in Africa. But wait!  That's not all!  Along with this nice little package, I also got Adobe CS3 Web Premium for $1300 LESS THAN its original price.  
It has Dreamweaver CS3, Flash CS3 Professional, Photoshop CS3 Extended, Illustrator CS3, Fireworks CS3, Acrobat 8 Professional, Contribute CS3, extra stuff, AND video workshops.   Awesome huh?  I thought so.  Either way, it's done now, so I'm forced to like it.  I actually haven't even put it on the computer yet though.  Why?  Because of this!
Yes, my own [current] university!  No matter what I do between now and the next ohhh.... 7 or 8 days doesn't matter because my hard drive will be wiped.  I have no way to back it up, which is why I have an intense desire to obtain a Time Capsule.  It bites that I'll have to re-put everything on, but I guess it's fine, since I think that I get all sorts of software whenever I get to Clemson.  So now it's just a waiting game, a waiting game with copious amounts of concrete in between now and then.  

As I look at all the awesome stuff out there now, I see more and more stuff I want, which is both sad and pathetic.  Take for example, Wacom's Graphire Tablet.  I've wanted a tablet for a while, and it'd be an awesome addition to my computer, I'm just not sure if it falls into my need category or not.  I've also thought about getting VMWare Fusion or Parallels along with an Uber cheap Windows XP/Vista cd because there are about two programs on my computer that only run on Windows and I "can't live without them."  Already got a sweet printer.   But that's enough about my new stuff.  

So, let's see, New stuff...check, college/computer frustration...check, ahhh here we are, My New Colour.  What does this mean exactly, you may ask?  Well, as you know from my previous Uberpost, I was bliing about the new television channel, Planet Green.  Though I had been looking into going green for a while, it wasn't until the launch that I really knew about all the green things that are available out there.  Well, I've officially gone green.  Yup yup yup, whether it's my new green apparel made of organic cotton, my new computer explained here, or my new project, I'm slowly getting greener, and it feels good.  

I'm really excited about my new project, but I'm supposed to keep it under wraps for a little while, but it involves an electric vehicle.  I'm so ready to start on it, but I've got to rely on research for now.  If it's not properly planned it won't work properly.  Doesn't that bite?  

Speaking of green, I want to remark on a movie I saw this weekend. 
First of all, IT WAS AMAZING!!!!  I mean this thing rocked.  And, had I a really cool nerdy girlfriend, it would have been the perfect nerd date movie.  The story of WALL-E was brilliant, not only was it cute [yeah take that, I don't care saying I liked a movie because it was cute!], but also because of the message that it sent.  The message of "Let's not get here, because if we keep going the way we are, that's exactly where we're headed you bloody idiots," really got to me, and it really exemplified the Green message.  It was also a great story of love, robots, and a 2001: A Space Odyssey reference [Ya'll should know by now that I'm a sucker for them].  I definitely recommend going to watch this immediately, because it is a wonderful movie.

But moving on, I'd like to discuss one more thing before I finish this post.

My English.

OK, now first of all, let me say this.  The grammar on this blog bites.  It straight out sucks.  This is not how I talk normally, and for blogs, I pretty well much write things as they come to me, so please bear with me if it's hard to read at times.  lol  I don't have bad grammar, I'm just lazy.  I rarely proofread this stuff, and I know how stupid I must sound when I do actually read it.  Once again, just too lazy to go back and correct it.  If ya'll ever don't understand something, ya'll know how to comment, and I'm more about getting the message across, than making the message technically correct and unintelligible. 

Oh well, better get going.  Jya' Ne and Aloha guys and gals.

Monday, 26 May 2008


SOOOOO, as I'm sure ye all already know, we have a new American Idol [*didn't watch, but is glad David C. won despite any Facebook wall posts people may see*], a new Dancing With The Stars champion [*doesn't watch, but good for her*], an official Democratic nominee [*Yatta, one step closer to winning my bet*], other new presidential candidates [*that you've most likely neever heard of*], an Olympic shortlist for 2016 [*loves it, but was a little sad because of Doha*], a new eco channel [*weeee*], and a new Eurovision champion [*watched but isn't satisfied with winner*]. All of this, however has nothing to do with UBERPOST [though I'll probably address them anyway at the end]. UBERPOST consists of all that's been happening with me recently so that ya'll can understand why I've neglected ye so much. So, to start...

Georgia Tech View Day:
So, here's what happened. My father and I scheduled trip on some kind of Georgia Tech view day that was especially for accepted students. Hooray for us. *sarcasm intended* To make the trip even more fun, dad got awesome tickets to the Braves game. I was ready. My first college choice [of the accepted ones, that is], awesome Braves tickets, and family bonding. Well, turns out, this view day stuff was on the EXACT day as prom. Yep, my senior prom. The one that everyone fought for. The one that was banned! The one that we complained into existence. So, of course, the first thing, Prom or Georgia Tech, right? Wrong! Yes, thanks to my father's awesome ability to do awesome things, I got to go to Ga. Tech, the Braves game for...most of it, AND prom! Awesome right? But how did it go, you may ask.

Well, we drove up there early the day before the meeting, stopped at a little hotel on our way there, and then went straight to Atlanta. When we got there, we had no clue where to park, and after a bunch of searching, dad and I finally took the ask someone for help. The police officer who told us where to park [they had a special parking lot], and even drove to where we were supposed to go. Later, Dad and I joked about having a police escort to Ga. Tech. We then went to the meetings and on the tour. Did you know that the Ga. Tech cafeteria's serve Waffle House breakfasts? mmm...

I for one, loved it. I didn't really care for our tour guide that much, but other than that, it was awesome. Dad, however, didn't get the spark needed to get behind it. To respond to a previous commenter, my parents' opinion on Ga. Tech was my dad's. Maybe to put it into perspective from him though, money for us is tight. I mean, yes, we have enough to be loose at a median amount of times, but twice the amount of the in-state school is a big thing, not just a few loose moments. Had I gone to Ga. Tech, just like with my favourite, MIT [had I been accepted] it would have put a big financial strain on my family. They had agreed after the trip to visit MIT that they would assume that financial strain if I got accepted to MIT. As ya'll know, that didn't work out this time, so now, we had to look at Ga. Tech. Essentially, for my parents to agree with it, the Ga. Tech experience had to match up to the MIT experience.

As I'm sure ya'll can expect from my announcement that I'll be a tiger next year instead of a yellow jacket, the two experiences just didn't match up. I guess I agree with him that the people at MIT were much more open and friendly, like they'd be willing to talk to you if you were that one kid off alone. They gave you a sense of, "Hey, you are welcomed here, and we want you to know it." Georgia Tech was a bit more like, "Hey, welcome, we have many places where we're sure that you'll find a place to be." MIT was a place you didn't want to leave, because it felt like a dream, and Georgia Tech was the place you were at that would be fun for a while. But, that's an assumption. They just knew that Georgia Tech didn't impress them enough to where they would assume that financial strain unless something big happened.

In the end, I'm fine. You gotta know when to fight and when to bend. When what may be good for you may not be best for someone else. In the end, I know that Clemson will be the best for my parents, so I'm fine. I mean, maybe in a year, if I really love it or if the transfer happens and I'm able to get some scholarships, it won't be just for my parents anymore, but we'll just have to see what happens. May the chips fall where they must.

So, after all the Atlanta fun was over, Dad and I drove like we've never drove before [not really, Dad always drives too fast for my taste, but we weren't pulled so I'm assuming it was all legal] and I got changed into my nice suit and pants, and was adequately dolled up for prom. Though I was criticised for my choice of sandals [I left my dressy shoes at home], prom rocked. I did feel a bit disappointed that I left my date alone for so long, but she was a chaperone so she didn't mind. [Yeah just so ya'll don't get all "JERK HOW COULD YOU DO THAT TO YOUR DATE!?!" my "date" was my AP Biology teacher Mrs. ***** We decided to be official dates because I knew that I wouldn't be able to be polite to an actual date because I'd be late. We also did it to make a remark about the dating process at my school. Seriously, there's a date confirmation from the head, a dress approval committee {which my "date" was on *snickers*}, and a bunch of other stuff, I'll have to explain sometime. She knew I would be late, and actually didn't even think I'd come because of the Ga. Tech stuff. I didn't ditch my prom date I promise.]

Despite my choice of footwear, everyone just laughed it off, and everyone was happy. My cousin was crowned prom king, I got to dance with my date, cheese cubes were in abundance, we started a conga line, good times...gooood times. [Aren't I cute? ^_^']

Prom Campout:
After prom, the senior class [all but two out of the twenty-two of us] went to my cousin's uncle's lake to camp-out. There were tents, car wrecks, wienie roasts, pirate attacks, theft of booty, and all sorts of other stuff. I'm not going to post any photos from this, just one of me having fun in a tent. There are others on Facebook if ye want to see them.

Class Trip:
About a week after the camp-out and prom, we went on our senior trip to Orlando. What brought us to Orlando, ye might ask? The Universal Studios Senior Night! Yup a night where Universal Studios is open to ONLY seniors in high school. There were rides, churros, TONS of people, balloon animal making giant pirates, and Hellogoodbye and Rihanna. We then went the next day to Universal again to re enjoy everything. We had a decent time. We enjoyed food at nice restaurants. Bubba Gump Shrimp Company, Margaritaville, and....other places I can't remember. We had a good time and I was able to get some pictures of people on the rides. Then, last day, we went to Wet & Wild Water Park. Nyeh right? Just a water park? NO! It was probably the best part of the trip. Other than the whole class bonding and the party shrimp, it was awesome. The rides were amazing, everyone had fun. I really recommend Wet & Wild if you go to Orlando. Go there. Also, the night before, my class surprised me by us all going to see 21!!! I love my class. lol They were all talking about how they wanted to go to MIT after the movie.
Also, WE SAW SUPER-TARGET [I'll have to explain my love of Target sometime, but I love it, it pwns Wal-mart in so many ways]AP Tests:
AP Tests. I took two of them. I was pwnd. They mentally violated me in sooo many ways. I don't want to see the scores.

Spanish III Trip:
OMG I love the Spanish III Missions Trip. Yes, I am a Christian, and I do missions trips, and this was one I really looked forward to. Each year we go to Atlanta to a Hispanic community where we play with kids and hold little events for them. Nothing big, but it's very fun. I love getting to have so much fun with the kids. They will tire you out! We went last year and it was fun, and this year we went all the way to where we would stay, and then someone got sick. Oh well, just a small mishap, right? No, then FIVE to SIX other people got sick!!! We had just enough time to play with the young kids and make little crafts. We then shipped back to home the next morning after quarantining EVERYTHING we could find. There were also a lot of weird things where we stayed. I'll maybe put a link or post some of my videos of where we stayed later. But I'll leave you with my picture of an oddity. If you have an explanation, I'll give you major kudos. Maybe something on Facebook, but I really would love to know what the meaning behind it is.

That is indeed a piece of toast nailed to the door frame.

I'm Graduated *wooooo!* It was fun, I did my devotion [once again, I go to a Christian school so we have the devotion and val/sal speeches but that's it] and I got graduated. IT WAS BLOODY HOT IN THERE! It was burning up. You look out and you see fanning programs everywhere. Then there was the technical difficulties. Our mic didn't work...any. But it's over I got my stuff and was out quick. It was fun. HERE I COME CLEMSON!

Before I get to Clemson though, I've got to work through the summer. A *normally* 8 to 5 job for the summer where I get to work with civil engineers, contractors, and other people Oh My! It's fun, I've probably learned more about concrete than I ever will, but that's fine. I'm getting good experience for engineering world and I'm preparing for the future!

--------------------------NON ME STUFF--------------------------
So, I mentioned some things earlier that I'd like to re-address.

Democratic Nomination:
We now have a Democratic Nominee. Monsieur Obama. Cheers to him. I still would have liked to have seen Al Gore, but oh well, Maybe an Obama/Gore ticket??? Yeah I doubt it too, I don't know who to vote for. I don't like Obama and I don't like McCain, which leads me to my next point.

Third Party Candidates:
So we have...
Republican: McCain/???
Democrat: Obama/???
Independent: Nader/Gonzalez
Prohibitionist: Amondson/Pletten
Socialist: Moore/Alexander
Socialist Worker: Calero/Kennedy

But now we can add two more sets to that list:
Constitution: Baldwin/Castle
Libertarian: Barr/Root

So now, all we have to do is hear from the Green Party, which I will put a good dollar on a bet that Madame McKinny will get the nomination. So we now have eight official or nine candidates to choose from, all of which I don't particularly like. *sigh* I know I'm going to have to bite the bullet, but it's going to be tough. Oh well, we'll see. It's going to take a whole lot of research, and a whole lot of time, but I'm going to choose someone. Mark my words.

Olympic Shortlist:
*sighs* OK. Ya'll remember my post about the Olympic bids? It's here. So, the seven candidate field was chopped to four. Three cities were declined. The cities that will not be hosting next year are Prague, Baku, and Doha. I'm understanding about Prague and Baku. They knew this year was a developing year, and they knew they needed to wait. Baku, however, was disappointing. I loved Baku's bid, and a Baku 2016 would have been awesome. But, we have four bids now to choose from. I still stand behind my disapproval of Madrid for now, but I am now having even more difficulty choosing from the final three. So, what do ya'll think?

Planet Green:
Yay Eco-channel is up! Check it out. Lots of new ideas on how to go green.

Just watched my first Eurovision. Loved lots of the singers, and liked it much MUCH more than watching American Idol, but I was disappointed with the decision that Russia should win. Bah. They were OK, crazy [They had an ice skater for crying out loud!] but only OK. Israel's song was amazing. Portugal was also really REALLY good. Either way, I think Greece did better than Russia. Oh well, I'm not Europe.

And thus with that last little giblet of information and mindless banter, I do so end the UBERPOST. Oh well. Guess it's time to go.

Jya' Ne.

Saturday, 26 April 2008

On the back of a bus with a guy named Guillermo

Ok, Blogger isn't that iPhone friendly, so for the next four days, I'd like to direct you to my temporary kinda Liveblog thing.   It is very plain, and I'vebe already fiddled a bit with it, but it is pretty straightforward.

Wednesday, 23 April 2008


OK as the title implies, this is going to be just a quick, short, sweet, and to the point post to let ya'll know that I'm not dead, and really care about my blog.

1 Blog's one year old, and this makes my technical 50th post [Woo!]
2 I'm 18 now, everyone said, "Oh now you can buy cigarettes and lottery tickets." My response, "Oh, I guess. The first thing that came to my mind was that now I could call in on commercials when it says you must be 18 years or older to call."
3 Though I struggled to get Georgia Tech considered, it got tossed on its rear by my parents. [they say that they just didn't like the atmosphere/people/blah when they went there] [MIT pwns Ga. Tech, confirmed by my dad]
4 I'm going to Clemson next year. I hear from the Honours College about acceptance in n days.
5 I'm allowed three transfer apps next year if I really want them.
6 Three days until Senior Trip!!!!!!1one!!!!
7 36 'til Graduation!
8 Soccer's almost over!?!?!?!? FOREVER?
9 Ya'll get to learn lots of new fun stuff about Clemson in the next year on my blog ^_^' lol if ya'll decide to keep reading
10 I'm getting a Mac!!!! [waiting until June though]
11 It's fun to say "Popodopolis's bubbly schisms."
12 I'm kind of running out of news [if ye haven't already noticed]
13 Webcomic of the week: garfield minus garfield
14 I've got a summer job...WORKING WITH ENGINEERS!
15 Sleep is a lie, just like cake.
16 Sociology 101 is almost over with [I'll have to explain this, but I LOATHE SOC 101]
17 I'm learning ASL in free time since muscle memory is easier at the moment than mental memory
18 I'm going to bed, Jya' Ne and Good night wherever ye are.

Saturday, 22 March 2008

Settling + Ades = Evil

Well guys/gals, I got my official letter this week. I am not accepted to MIT, it wasn't just a computer thing [OK, yeah I know it was stupid but I had in the back of my mind, "Oh, well, what if it was just a computer mixup."] I've moved on a bit though and yes, I do know that the last post that I had [that I deleted] I was a good bit miffed and got a bit snippy. I was told that my final two choices will be Georgia Tech or Clemson. I was told that N.C. State's out of the question [lol but since I may be able to snag a full ride {minus transportation} to Hawai'i, it's still somewhat of an option]. I figured the other day that I'm just gonna let things go as they may, even though I want to be going to Georgia Tech for possibility of a better chance of transfer, and because I like the campus better. I'll still settle for Clemson, but that's the thing. I don't want to just "settle" for a college, because to me, it's like just "settling" for a job you don't want, or just settling down and not enjoying life. Now, I don't want this to sound immature, but I've always had something against the word settle. Settling has always meant becoming stagnant. But enough of this, all decisions will come on April 1 when I hear about Fin Aid from Ga Tech.

I'd also like to bring up a few things mentioned in the comments:

Kate: Why? First of all, IT'S JUST THE MOST AMAZING DRINK EVER! OK, actual explanation, I've always loved grape juice, something about the twang or something, I dunno, but it's always tasted a little flat [stagnant maybe?]. So, when I tasted some of Welch's juice, I was in love. It's quickly become one of my most expected gifts, whether it be birthday [one a year], other holiday [also once a time], and Christmas [one bottle last year, FOUR this year]. It's delicious, seriously, if you've never tried it, go, buy a bottle, and enjoy. I like the red better than the white, but that's just me. Also, I'll probably put a post about why I love Calvin Coolidge later. Then again, I've been promising a rant or two for a while as well, so maybe I'll put it in a combo pack. Also, I just decided that I'd rather have Calvin Coolidge since the Republicans keep shouting off about being the next Reagan and the Democrats want to be the next Kennedy, but honestly, I liked Coolidge better than any of them, and reincarnation isn't Frankenstein, it's Dalai Lama. ^_^

Snively: Yeah, I had heard that too, but from what I hear, N.C. State does too. I haven't heard anything about Hawai'i or Clemson's housing though, so I'm not sure. Also, thanks for the mention on the MIT blog, it made me feel all fuzzy inside. Seriously, it's really something to know that I had people pulling for me, [that goes for you too Paul!]. GT may kick me on my rear after a year, but...THEY'VE GOT A WATER SLIDE!

Paul: Thanks man. Snively and you both [and Piper] have really made me feel welcomed in applying to MIT. I'm really grateful for the best wishes for transfer, I'm gonna try my best both for transfer and to have fun in either Clemson or Georgia Tech [even though I'm told GT and Notre Dame have a bit of a rivalry ^_^ still friends though, right? lol] I look forward to keeping in touch too.

José P.: YATTA!

Karen: Mahalo! lol I'd gone through Snively's CPW blog so much, a few [or a bunch of] new fresh images would be awesome. Mahalo for the well-wishes in transfer too. Also, facebook? Yes, no, maybe, rather not say?

Isshak: No worries man, I'm pulling for ye, and will be refreshing my Internet like crazy in May to find out that ye got in!

SBTVD: Uhhh......Mahalo? ^_^'

Hmmmm, OK, enough answers and responses for now. I'm currently watching Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and wondering what ever happened to Gene Wilder, and I can't help but think that choosing Johnny Depp was a horrible mistake, and that Robin Williams would have been better, but that's just my opinion. I've always been fond of Williams. He's cool. Deep Roy did pwn as an Oompa Loompa though. Rock on Deep Roy. Also, until just a few days ago, I HAD NEVER NOTICED THE AMAZING 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY REFERENCE IN Charlie & The Chocolate Factory!!!

R.I.P. Arthur C. Clarke [I even mentioned him in my MIT essay]

Also I've learned something. NEVER drink any Ade, whether it be Gator or Power. I had a grape Power-ade before yesterday's soccer game, and it honestly tasted like I had chugged a thing of Flintstone's Chewable vitamins. OMG, it was horrible. We won though, so I'm good. Well, it's getting a tad late, soooooooo......

Jya' Ne

P.S. TO those of ye wondering about my Facebook stati, it was a play on words from when someone pointed out that MIT was essentially like a drug to me. There were absolutely NO drugs or anything involved. I have never taken nor been addicted to actual drugs lol I was just joking about how I was "under the influence of MIT".

Saturday, 15 March 2008

So, What Happened?

Well, this morning, I was up. I only had three hours of sleep all day, and I went straight to the Methodist Men's Breakfast at the church where the lock-in was. I scarfed down a plate of eggs, sausage, and a biscuit, and listened to the speaker intently. Then I was reminded by the whole Key Club Golf Tournament at 12:00. So, I was faced with a decision: A. Go home, sit with parents, and prepare OR B. Go to the tournament, help out the local Kiwanis, and check when I got home at FOUR!!! I went with B, and had fun at the tourney [even though I was constantly having to keep myself from typing into my iPhone]. Well, I got home, tired and pollen-coated, and grabbed my laptop. My parents and I sat down on the couch, and I read what most people read today. "Dear Walt......I'm so sorry......unable to offer......I'm very sorry."

Sadly, there will be no CPW fun for me this year. No liquid nitrogen ice cream with sprinkles, no trying out for the varsity blogging team, no trying out for any Engineers sports team, no bouncy balls, no Simmons, no Random, no Great Dome, no Infinite Corridor, no IH[L]TFP, or to summarise, no MIT [or at least this year]. I now must choose between Ga. Tech, Hawai'i, Clemson, and N.C. State, and honestly I have no bloody clue what I'm going to do. I had prepared for this, and I feared it would happen, so I have somewhat of a plan, but mainly, I'm lost.

It's truly been a ride, and, as hinted at earlier, one that I plan to take again. I've discussed it with my family, and we've talked a bit about trying for transfer admissions[Aye I know the odds there too ^_^']. Though I'm going to try my hardest for transfer, I'm definitely going to make the best out of wherever I end up next year, whether it be studying next to Pierre De Coubertin's statue in Atlanta, laying on the beach in Hawai'i, rushing the field at Death Valley, or......doing whatever N.C. State students do. Plus, this may be a good thing if I can defeat the odds and get in on transfer. I mean, seriously, how many transfer students blog? I could be the first, and show that there are such things as transfers into MIT!

Oh well, we'll have to just wait and see right? I'm glad to see that some of the fellow pre-MIT bloggers got in [or at least waitlisted], and I wish you all godspeed at MIT, and to those of you who didn't get in, no worries. I guess it's like what I've been hearing a lot of lately. If it's really in us, we will make the difference in the world that we want to make, no matter where we go. If we were able to even consider MIT as a college choice, we have the ability to truly change the world. Let's not let this get to us much. Yes, it is hard to get over. It's rejection in any sense. Human nature doesn't take well to rejection, but we grow and we get over it. We grow, and we become stronger through our rejection. We remain resilient and refuse to give up our cause. But OH WELL...

So, I guess, status of the blog, hmmm, I'll keep it until I get a second rejection/first acceptance from MIT. *raises glass of Welch's Sparkling Red Grape Juice* To the future.

Until later...

Quick Update Semi-live Blog

So, I'm currently blogging fromok my phone, watching The Guardian, so this'll be short.  Monday and Tuesday's conference went splendidly and we won second in the annual vollyball tourney. Wednesday was  uneventful.  We lost  the game on Thursday [horribly] but we won today [I guess yesterday now.  Final decisions come out in about 8 hours, and once normal people start waking up, I go to breakfast, then church clean-up, and then possibly helping out at a local golf tourney.  Will I find out with the rest of the world at 12:00?  No clue.  Either way, I'll let yehe know how things go.  Jya' ne.

Sunday, 9 March 2008

The Numbers

I'm currently watching a countdown like it's about to explode and shower me with candy, video games, random electronical devices, the knowledge of all things language, the knowledge of all things chocolatey, and numerous amounts of Pocky.  The countdown however doesn't care and just looks at me, silently laughing.  OK maybe I'm getting a bit too paranoid, but as everyone knows [or everyone associated with MIT/not yet associated with MIT knows] DECISIONS COME OUT ON SATURDAY!!!!!  I'm about to go crazy, like everyone else, but I'm trying to remain calm.  

I'm also without the all loved  Brawl today because I did not pre-order, sadly.  I'm going to wait, and hopefully get it later [Got a b-day coming up soon].  This week's going to be an interesting one.  I'm going to be at a conference until Tuesday, then on Wednesday Youth, Soccer Thursday, Soccer Friday, Youth Lock-in Friday night, and then Saturday.  lol OOOOOOHHHHH Saturday.  We'll just wait and see.  I never know what to say on the MIT blogs so I'll say it here.  Good luck to any who applied.  I wish ya'll the best, and congratulate you if you get in.  [Yes I know I've rammed everything together in this post, but just tolerate it for now.] 

This will be the last post until Saturday when I may give ya'll a recap.  I'm still debating on if I should wait for snail-mail or if I should just check it on the Internet on Saturday.  Oh well.

Jya Ne'

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

It's A Three Ring Circus...Kinda

Well, this month's been crazy so far, and while the storm swirls around me [seriously, it's coming down out there], I figured I'd blog. Football [soccer] games have started. I was able to go to the circus [during school]. AND I watched a house burn down across the road from my home.

I guess I should explain for the last two.

So, every year, my school's headmaster sets it up for an unnamed circus to come and entertain us for one period. It's nice. The team sets up in the gym, we get a show, and everyone has a decent time. There's always a talk about some of the costumes, and some repetition in acts, and increases of prices, but still it's a decent way to take a break from two periods.

As for the house, it was just an unoccupied very old house that had started to break down. Looked decent on the outside, but on the inside was horrible. The owners of the land were going to demolish it, but someone had the idea to torch it, and that's exactly what they did.

Also, MIT decisions come out in on an unknown date this month, and it could or could not be either 10 or 17 days away from now......Yeah...That close. Well needless to say it's hit me pretty hard, and I'm about to go out of my bloody mind. I know that I should be prepared for anything [especially the worse, as someone actually told me yesterday {I love the support I've got}] and I feel like I'm at least decently prepared, even though I have absolutely no idea what to do if the worse does happen. It's a bit like the doctor off of Courage The Cowardly Dog. [referencing the quote, "There is nothing, absolutely nooooothing to worry about, but there's nothing I can do."] I have nothing to be worried about because I've got a pretty decent system of safety nets going, but there's absolutely nothing I can do about it now, and I have absolutely no clue about what to do if the worse happens.

This week is also going to be wild. I've got to interview a WWII teenager, soccer [I'm going to refer to it as soccer because of enough people lecturing me about this whole "being in America" stuff] practice along with a game [or two], and goodness knows what else. One thing I don't have to worry about is my English IV honours work though. I've read all of Night by Elie Weisel [and will recommend it to everyone] and all that's left is a bunch of annoying questions due in, oh say, a week or two. And scholarship stuff, don't even get me started on that. But, to quote the Nader campaign, "Onward."

Speaking of campaigns, John McCain's campaign won big tonight, having successfully nailed the Republican's nomination. So!!! Now we have a field that looks like this:

Republican: John McCain [Oh my we really are fudged now aren't we?]
Democrat: Barack Obama [I'm pretty sure he'll have the Dem. nomination, and already have a...let's say, bet, that he'll become President Obama {it's against my dad so it's not that bad} by November]
Independent: Ralph Nader [Isn't he cute, going out, giving it one more try, lol, all I can do is laugh and wish him the best] [He's already got a VP too, MATT GONZALEZ]
Green: Cynthia McKinney [The Greens think Nader's a "sell-out" so I guess he's like the Green Ron Paul, so Madame McKinney has this nomination down]
Libertarian: Oh wait, Ron Paul's not running for Libertarian......blast...uhhh...maybe that Root guy? [Actually I'd like to see Monsieur Imperato get this nomination, I dunno if he'd get my vote, but why the heck not?]
Constitution: uhhh....Alan Keyes >_>' maybe? [Well they haven't made a decision, but right now, depending on how the candidates decide, the frontrunners are either Monsieur Keyes or Judge Roy Moore]

[There's also the Amondson/Pletten ticket for the Prohibitionist, Moore/Alexander for the Socialist, or Calero/Kennedy for the Socialist WORKER in you.

So now ye're either bored out of you're mind because ye don't care or ye're wondering who the devil these people are. Well, two of these candidates have already debated each other before. I'll let ye search for THAT one. My candidate [ONCE AGAIN] has been knocked out, AND!!! Domo-kun is still awesome.

So, since I'm now going to have to choose between one of these "highly-qualified" and "truly amazing" candidates to give my vote to, I'll be blunt about who I had supported. I have a list.

TEH List:
the reincarnation of Calvin Coolidge
Al Gore
Ron Paul
Steven Colbert
Joe Biden
Sam Brownback

Crazy isn't it? Yeah, I know it has a bunch of different ones on there but sure enough, yeah, they all dropped out. The first three are in order of my votes, but the others are just kind of random. Oh well, enough of the little window into my opinions. It's late, and since I've already moved into the politics area, I'll end with this nice little political nugget...


Tuesday, 19 February 2008


Well, I'm back, and after a good bit of thinking, I've decided on a couple of things.

1. Political Blog will be merged into this one.
2. I still have a grudge against CNN, Fox News, and most media in general.
3. Domo-kun and I are still cool.
4. I'd have preferred Athens, but I can get behind Singapore better than Moscow.
5. Lists get things across nicely.
6. I want a DSLR camera...and an Apple MacBook...and a thick package from MIT...
7. Scholarships have essentially scraped me to the bone and it hurts.
8. Possibililties about what might happen terrify the mess out of me.
9. Honolulu and Atlanta are looking a lot nicer than Clemson and Raleigh.
10. You can loop the 1:50 minutes before getting to my grandma's house to Also Sprach Zarathustra perfectly.
11. I want to be the next Jon Stewart/Steven Colbert.

But now for the actual content. So, what have I been doing recently? Well, as ye can see from number 7 on the list, I've been working on scholarship essays. But wait, that's not all! I've also been working on assignments from my teachers, because they all decided to give us stuff on the same day/week. I'm about to reach my max on scholarships, and I feel as if I've been mentally violated these last couple of months. I've put myself on the line for almost eight/nine months now, and I'm tired. Also, I'm playing football [soccer] this year. Also, there's a bunch of other things I'm doing. Crazy, huh? Social suicide? Yes. Worth it? We'll find out soon. MIT releases decisions in less than a month.

The Political Blog. Yes, I know I never really got much on it, but that's good, it means the merger will be quicker and easier. It also means that through loophole I can violate my terms to never say on here who I publicly support. Either way, I'd feel bad by violating my own rule, so I'll just slip in in somewhere [keep on watch]. Also, ya'll on Facebook already know, and no, it's not Daft Punk. Actually, most of my candidates actually dropped out, especially considering that I still think all of them are a bunch of...well "if ye can't say anything nice" I guess. I'll bring the photos from my Barack trip soon along with my story about all the fun happenings there, along with my Obama dance. So, I'll put a bunch of photos and political stuff up soon, so I apologise if ya'll don't wanna hear about it. I'll also have stuff about third parties, so ya'll just might learn something new. I will also be posting a bit about my favourite President [President Coolidge] a bit too.

Olympics. Well, even though I didn't enjoy the idea at first and was about to mark a loss for Monsieur Rogge, after a lot of investigating, I'm proud to say I'll support the Youth Olympic Games. The IOC announced on Friday that Singapore would be the host of the inaugural Youth Olympic Summer Games in 2010. Honestly, I wasn't pleased with the short list of Singapore and Moscow, [I wanted Athens to get it] but out of the two, I'm IMMENSELY glad that Singapore beat Moscow. No offence Moscow, but Russia's already got Sochi [which has me perturbed, but I'm going to stay quiet and trust the IOC] and I didn't think they needed to get Moscow 2010 too. I like Singapore, it's just I wanted them to maybe get the SECOND Youth Olympic Games. I mean, Athens had the first Olympic Games why not the first Youth Olympic Games? I guess I can understand the reason why they didn't make the short list though [Wikipedia says that it was because of too high of a budget].

Also, we have the upcoming election for the 2016 games. I'm still trying to figure out who I want to win this. I'm trying to decide between Chicago, Rio, Doha, and Tokyo, and I'll go ahead and tell ye, if Madrid, Prague, or even Baku get it, I'll be even more perturbed with the IOC than I was when Sochi was chosen. But why?

Madrid. I'd love to support Madrid, but I can't for the life of me. Madrid had an amazing bid in 2012 and if they have a better one in 2016 I'll be sad since I can't support them. Why can't I support them? Mainly because of all the Europe Games that have happened so far. Think about it, 2014 [Sochi], 2012 [London], 2006 [Turin], and 2004 [Athens]. Four in ten years followed by another two years later? *sigh* Sadly, this is why I can't support Prague or Baku either. I love the idea of Baku and Prague [even Madrid], just NOT YET. Baku is amazing because it would be great for the nation of Azerbaijan, and perfect for tourism there, but it's too close to Europe for now, I want this to be their developing bid. Prague would also be superb, but I'd like to see them go Winter Olympics instead. Prague would also just be best later. They've tried a lot, but I'd like them to just hold off a bit. Wait one election, then go.

As for the ones I like, Chicago, Rio, Doha, and Tokyo, I'm torn. Firstly, I want Chicago because it's American, and would be uber easier for me to actually go to. I don't think I'd like to see it before I would see a Rio or a Doha 2016, but I'd like to see it so I can go, and to boost American activity in the Olympics. As for Tokyo, I like their bid go through because, I like the bid. It's very nice. But then we look at the past and BAM! 2008 in Beijing. Now I know that's a good eight years, but really, we have two other areas who've never EVER hosted an Olympics. Spread the love, right? So, I'm kinda leaning toward Rio over Doha, because the bid's nicer, and I'd fear to large an uprising over Doha with the small mindedness of the world today. [Doha is in Qatar fyi] I think Rio'd be amazing because OMG, it's RIO. Not that Doha isn't beautiful, but South America has NEVER had one. Oh well, I'll decide later.

I'll post a rant about my dealings with CNN/Fox/TEH Media later. I will also include a rant about my dealings with the sheer stupidity and annoyance of some of humanity's speed bumps too. Oh well, got to go. Have fun. Also, check out It looks to be interesting, I've looked at reading the book, just haven't gotten the chance to read it yet.


Monday, 4 February 2008

*throws ninja needles at blogs*

So why did I just attack my blog? Well, I'm mad. Mad at CNN, mad at prejudiced idiots, and mad at Domo-kun! No, wait, I can't be mad at Domo-kun. It's just everything's crazy right now, and I'm about to go NSEIN [purposely misspelled].

Come 15 February, you will definitely see stuff here and in my political blog. Ye'll see awards, at least one candidate review [my personal favourite], and info from my trip to see Barack Obama. As for the blog here, ye can look forward to info about what is going on with me [real interesting huh?], a rant [actually coming, I've promised a lot in the past but this one's coming because it's coming {doesn't make sense, but wtf,r?}] and the honourable mentions to my Ourtube post [will include the most depressing video ever, the stupidest video ever, and well honourable mentions]. Oh well, enjoy the break. I won't lol. Jya' Ne

Saturday, 26 January 2008


Well, as promised, I have indeed compiled a list of my Top Ten YouTube videos of last year. Now I know that some are older than last year, but if I saw them last year, then they're considered. Simple as that. One main thing that was required, I had to find them through my own search, someone personally showing me, or some other form of viral method. To me, this does NOT count blogs. This means many of the videos seen on Snively's and other's blogs weren't considered unless they had been introduced at some time in any other method to me. They were ranked on lots of things, but it all came down to my own opinions. So, without further ado [sp.?], I give you, my Top Ten.

10. Chris Crocker's Classic, "LEAVE BRINEY ALONE!" [LANGUAGE WARNING]
Ahh, what can I say about Monsieur Crocker. Honestly, I could say a lot, but I'm not going to. I don't like him. period. He's...ugh...I guess it's like Grandma used to say, "If ye can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all." So I'm shutting up, and just saying that this was a I guess ye could call popular video, but not popular like the good popular, more like the, "Ohhh, that's the guy who kicked Oprah," popular. [No, no one's kicked Oprah to my knowledge, but wouldn't we all know who did it and dislike them intensely for it if someone had?] It's been placed in movies, had spoofs coming out of the bum, and the rest of Monsieur Crocker's vids are also pretty insane. Oh well, He gets a 10 from me for his own doofiness.
Sigh. No, I have never played WoW, but I've heard that it's fun...If ye like MMORPGs, which are OK I guess. The sheer randomness of this is hilarious, and it has given rise to the catchphrase of "Leeroy Jenkins" to people everywhere. It's been on Jeopardy, and on Snively's Blog. A true classic.
8. Nutrigrain Ad
After watching this, I and many people at my school had only one thing to say. "I feel great." One of the greatest things about this video is the hilarious looks on the ladies face. Seriously she looks crazy, and the stuff that the people say is great. It's been remade with other people, my classmates and I, and even Naruto, and is still awesome.
7. The Stick Figures on Crack Trilogy [1, 1's remake, 2, & 3] [LANGUAGE WARNING on 3]
Coming in at number seven is probably one of the stupidest, most random, insane, and crazy videos that includes stick figure slapstick. [and that's saying something] Each has it's good parts, and it's bad parts, and it's WTF!? parts, but that's what makes it fun. There's a whole story behind PivotMasterDX, the creator of these videos, but I don't feel like telling it to you, but if ye want to find out about it, just YouTube search his name, and enjoy the drama. Ahh, the random, it's almost like eating too much cake. Cake is amazing, but too much makes you ugh. Enjoy.
6. Miss Teen South Carolina
Alas, I had to. I hate that she had to completely and utterly humiliate herself, but it was a definite "viral video." She did get a chance to redeem herself, but still kinda went roundabout. I just think she's a bit camera shy, and it comes out whoosh. She makes me want to make a "Leave Miss Teen South Carolina Alone!" video. She really seems nice, and I'm pretty sure everyone can agree she's not a ditz. It was just nerves. Oh well, it was also made into an admittedly funny spoof. Oh well, *raises glass of Welch's Sparkling Red Grape Juice* Cheers to you, Ms. South Carolina.
5. Spiders On Drugs [LANGUAGE WARNING {only two words near the end though}] [Also not good for arachnophobia sufferers]

What more can you say? I saw this early in 2007, and it's stuck with me throughout the year. Very nicely made, and actually looks like a real somewhat documentary. And if that's what happens in spiders, just imagine what it does to humans.
4. Kiwi!

No language, nothing bad, just a Kiwi bird. From what I hear about MIT, this might be how it is, but even if it is, I wouldn't care. Ahh, I love the Kiwi, it's just so [forgive me if this sounds odd] admittedly cute. How could you not like kiwi birds? A good watch from beginning to end, and a five star. Tell your friends of Kiwi! Wish I could give him a higher rating.
3. The Evolution Of Dance

My views on evolution may be meh, but my views on the Evolution of Dance are seriously something. I mean, the guy can dance, and being the most watched video on YouTube of all things, is DEFINITELY saying something. I mean, an average of 6-7 average human life spans have been wasted watching just this video? Oh yeah, that's something.
2. Dramatic Prairie Dog

The best five seconds on YouTube. period. Also, it was once a gift on Facebook. Very nice accomplishment.

1. Zombie Kid Likes Turtles

This is the best thing to cheer someone up. He's just so obliviously random that it's awesome. He gets brownie points for life for this.
Now, I also have some HM's, and some that were purposely left out, so I'll put them in an update later, cause I'm tired now. Jya' Ne, and enjoy.

P.S. Watch my politics blog, will have some more pics from a different event up soon, will be spotlighting the candidate of the week, my "dirty little secret," and will be giving some awards.

Saturday, 19 January 2008

That's MIT[T] With Two T's

Ahhh, well, in the spirit of the recent primary in my state, I figured I'd share with ya'll an experience that I had recently. Since good ole' South Carolina had their Republican, we had a lot of candidates coming through the states bli'ing and blahing about what they think and why we should vote for them. It's been a ride, in more ways than one, and I've been able to learn more now than I ever have about candidates. Even though I won't be able to go to the Democratic Debate in Myrtle Beach because I only have one ticket and dad said that he'd be taking it [BLAST!], I'm cool, it's fine, and I'll just stick to the internet for my information and I'll be able to watch it on CNN. [HE GETS TO GO TO THE BIG PARTY AFTERWARDS THOUGH!] Bah.

Well, I've rambled a bit [As usual, right?] but let me tell ye about my experience. I constantly look at the candidates' websites to see if they'll be in my areas so that I can go listen, talk, and see if I can get an autograph. Most came during school, so I was pretty well SOL for them, but luckily one candidate did show during an acceptable time at a place about 30 to 45 minutes away. So, I jumped in the car with dad, and we headed off to see.....Mitt Romney! As for the amount of people, it wasn't that big of a deal, but it was awesome because I snagged untold amounts of signs [I'll explain the importance of this later], two autographs, and pictures. He was interesting too, and all-in-all, I think that it was good. If you hear that a candidate is coming to your area, I really recommend that you go, because somehow, seeing them in person is different than seeing them on TV or YouTube.

One part that I enjoyed was the accidental MIT/Mitt references that I got all that day from people there who accidentally forgot that Monsieur Romney spells his name with two T's. Now I knew most people realised that it was just a coincidence, but some honestly thought my MIT hoodie was really something for the Romney campaign. [I brought them to the side to ask for sure, to give them the benifit of the doubt]. My favourite quote came from one of the ladies who was working for the Romney campaign in the area.
[To my dad] Well I was going to give him a Mitt sticker, but he already has a Mitt/MIT hoodie.
[To me] Where did you get that nice hoodie?
Aye, after talking to her and telling her that it was for the college I wanted to go to, she wiped her face, admitted that she thought that it was some kind of campaign and "actually wondered what the seal and colour was for." She wasn't alone though, so it was cool, and I had planned on taping another "T" just for the devil of it before going, but forgot the tape at home. Well, that's enough for now I guess, I'll post some pictures and be off.

Also, in the next post:
My top 10 YouTube Videos

Enjoy and Jya' Ne.

Not that big a crowd
[It wasn't Romney country, he got trounced]
[Ok, there's so a story to this guy, but I'm still miffed at him so I'm not gonna tell it]
[So many kids who could care less]
[Monsieur Romney and his grandson]
[Yup, he can talk]
[-_-' Dad can't take pictures with my camera for anything]
[Dude behind me was evil! No, not Romney, the bodyguard whatnot behind him]
[*Batman theme* THE MITT MOBILE]

Thursday, 17 January 2008

The Politics Roo [A bit of how I feel]

So, Aloha!

First of all, This post does include certain opinions that are maybe patriotic and if ye're already as sick of the election blah as most, don't read. Secondly, I haven't blogged much this year, so I figured I'd open with something I was shown this summer, The Geek Hierarchy.
[Click to see it completely]

Hmmm, but to regular viewers of my blog, ye've noticed the lovely little roo up at the top of my blog. It looks like the GOP Elephant and the Dem Donkey, I know, and it is indeed there to symbolise my avid interest in the obvious election this year. Being my first year, I'm pumped to vote, and with my ability to look up people, ask unknown people random questions, and question people I know on what they think, I'm ready to be an educated voter [even though it's a love/hate relationship, and I end up angry with the electoral college because Oh wait, I'll save that for my other blog]. Also, being the critical skeptic I am, I tend to look at things pretty closely and try my best to remain observant, understanding, and open-minded. So, I started a politics blog. [Also to anyone wondering, I'm Independent, will stay that way, and will not post who I vote for on this blog {maybe the other, but I'm not entirely sure} EVER].

But now for the roo. Why isn't it the stereotypical red and blue? Why is it a roo? And most of all, why the heck does it have a hurricane symbol on it's belly? Well for the first question, it is not bright red or bright blue. It is a maroon and teal colour, and it has a reason for this. I chose the maroon to symbolise the blood shed by our soldiers and veterans. It also is there for power, to represent that I'm wanting the leaders who will allow our nation to remain/become strong. The teal represents my beliefs for the nation, and since teal is a mixture of blue and green, my opinions on the environment. The white stripe in the middle is to represent unity, purity, how we all should attempt to come together for the good of man and all that blah blah blah [i do actually care about all that blah, blah, blah, it's just I'm probably losing you and blahing is easier than finding a vid of a dancing monkey to explain this]. The stars, merely patriotic stuff, and also a representation of my love for astronomy.

Now for question two. The roo. Why? Well, roos rock. Also, there's a story that made me consider the roo.
Mascot: The Beaver

MIT's mascot is the beaver - nature's engineer.

In 1913, a group of MIT alumni came together to brainstorm ideas for a sentimental mascot for the Institute. On January 14, 1914, the group formally presented the beaver mascot to MIT's President, Richard Maclaurin. This is what Lester Gardner 1897, chairman of the group, reported:

We first thought of the kangaroo, which like Tech goes forward by leaps and bounds and like you comes from Australia. Then we considered the elephant. He is wise, patient, strong, hard working and like all men who graduate from Tech [MIT], has a good tough hide.
But neither of these were American animals. We turned to Mr. Hornaday's book on the Animals of North America and instantly chose the Beaver. As you will see the Beaver not only typifies the Tech man but his habits are peculiarly our own. Mr. Hornaday say, "Of all the animals of the world, the beaver is noted for his engineering and mechanical skill and habits of industry. His habits are nocturnal, he does his best work in the dark."

The beaver has since been named TIM. TIM frequently will appear at important MIT events, posing for pictures and generally providing joy and mirth to all those who see him.

So, elephants have so been done before, and beavers [tasty though they may be{long story}] would be going to far into my lovable MIT obsession. So, loving the awesome nature of most Aussies, I chose the roo. For the reasons listed above as well.

Now, the hurricane. It's actually supposed to be a galaxy, but a simple picture of a galaxy that'd be quick enough to superimpose on a roos hide was hard to find. So it ends up symbolising my love for science as well as my Southern heritage.

But what's going on now, you ask? Well, MIT did their early admit telethon today which has me a tad down because it was kind of like someone saying not yet, and then hitting me with the world's largest wet noodle. But it was a bit worse than that because I'm not sure if the noodler was saying not yet or no. We'll all find out in March though, and I'm about to go insane. Also, school work. We have lots of it, see?
That's a comparison of the book we read and the work we have a week to accomplish. Also, no school on Monday, which rox, but still no ice or snow stickage as the thermometer tempts me like a stranger with candy or electronic goods. Also, though I'm bli'ing like a rabbit's nose in a paint shaker about the upcoming decisions for MIT, I'm also going crazy over the recent Apple Keynote from the awesome Steve Jobs [AND THE TOY STORY GUY AT THE END]! Three groups, companies, non-individuals [meaning one person here] that I support fully: MIT, Nintendo, and Apple. Apple released the announcement for its brand new laptop the other day, and it is AWESOME! The Macbook Air.
I would list everything awesome about it, but I'm tired, so I'll leave that to ya'll. Also, the next post may contain a rant, and I'm gonna ask a question for the heck of it. Are YOU ready for the presidential election, or just ready for it to be over? Also, what would your political animal be/look like? Have fun, and Jya' Ne.

Tuesday, 1 January 2008

A Look To the Past, Present(s), and Future


Well, as I sit here watching the Allstate Sugar Bowl, pulling for my Hawai'i Warriors, I continue the first thought session of 2008. As I type, I have three college acceptance letters staring at me. All of which are nice, but while I look at them, directly to the right, I have my deferral letter, making every thought I have lose credibility because of what might happen. Though I've heard of, known, and considered each of the three schools that have said yes so far, it's a bit unnerving. I'm blessed to have these, but I don't particularly want any of them. It's kind of like asking for a specific item for Christmas, and though you know your family means the best of intentions, they get you the wrong thing every time. But I digress.

As I said, I've heard from all the universities on my tree, and at the moment, I'm somewhat honestly considering [*sigh* if MIT does say "no"] becoming a Warrior. It'd be better financially for my family, they have an amazing East Asian Studies program, and Hawai'i is a beautiful place from what I hear. I just don't know about their Engineering program, and can only look up information because I doubt I'll be able to see first hand about it. Also Hawai'i is the home of the infamous Keck Observatory. ALSO after being told an emphatic "NO" by my parents about applying to WUStL, Duke, and that liberal arts school in Cambridge, I only have three decisions to learn of this spring, one which I am looking forward to with a passion[73 - 80 days left], one which I could care less about because the school doesn't have my major [and am only doing because my father asked me to], and one that I just don't know about.

Now that I've updated ye on how my college experience is going [also, Hawai'i is currently losing horribly if ye're wondering 3-17], I'll tell you about my holidays. To those who don't know, I celebrate Christmas with my family, and other holidays with friends. This year was pretty quiet though, and I was only able to celebrate Christmas with my family and friends this year. [3-24 now] As for gifts, I did get an iPhone, which I have helped my parents pay for because I didn't want them to put that much into a gift, Wii Play, Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games, something to play my iPod in my truck, a Rubik's Revolution [not as fun as actual cube, but fun with family around], clothes, my annual Guinness World Record book, and four bottles of Welches' Sparkling Red Grape Juice [mmmm]. This was a great year, and I'm glad that I was able to spend a lot of it with my family.

I enjoy the holidays because of the spiritual aspects of them, the wonderful opportunity to bring family and friends together, and the fact that I get a small break. I always get happy around this time and usually enter Uber mode [kinda like a runner's high], but come 1 January, I'm pretty beat, I've got a headache, and from what I hear it's almost equivalent to a hangover [I don't drink, so I don't know]. Though I now have the aformentioned holiday hangover, I have enjoyed some things recently that have helped me to ease it. First of all, this news story made me happy. Nintendo Australia grants Christmas wish with Wii Nintendo is awesome, and this is why I love them. Period.

Also during the holidays, I found something at MIT that was interesting [OK I always find interesting things at MIT but this one stood out]. I watch the Science Channel on TV, and I love it [Yesterday they had a special marathon of a show called Mars Rising which was awesome, narrated by William Shatner and included MIT research]. On the Science Channel, there's a show called Beyond Tomorrow which displays how people are putting engineering knowledge into items that will benefit us in the future. On the show, they had a segment about the Australian Institute of Sport. I had never heard of this place, and it seemed interesting, so I checked it out. One thing led to another, and as usual, I found myself at a MIT related website. I was at the website of Sports Innovation @ MIT. This place intrigued me, but sadly the website hasn't answered enough for me, and I want to know more [any MIT student reading know anything more?]. One thing I did find out about them, however, was that you can do UROPs with them! Needless to say, I may be looking into this place if I get a good response from MIT this March.

In other news, the Patriots were awesome, as ye can tell from my previous post and I've downloaded something recently blogged about by Snively [and am loving it]. Also to answer a couple of questions, asked by some people who don't comment but read and still ask me questions *gives looks* [Ya'll know who ye are] I'm pulling for Ohio State in the BCS Championship, mainly because I've had better experiences with the people there. As for the Wii situation, I did not get a Wii for Christmas. It would have been redundant, because I stood in line the day it came out because I had planned for it like I've planned for MIT decisions dates [If there would be a way to stand in line for it, I would be doing it]. Hope that answers any questions, and next time, just comment >.> It makes posting answers easier for me, and who knows, others may be wondering.

Well, the game is in halftime and is still 3-24, -_-' Hawai'i is losing, and this year's definitely going to be eventful. Whatever happens I encourage all of you, let's make 2008 great, and remember others while we go through it. I hope you all had a great time this 2007 and wish you all the best in 2008. Jya' ne and mahalo.

P.S. For those who want visual stuff, I thought this was cool maybe ya'll will too...

UPDATE [1:20 AM]: Hawai'i lost 10 - 41 -_-' Oh well...