Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Miffed Off, But Moving On

Well, it's over. I've taken all my SAT's, except for the Subject Tests in October. The results, I practically wasted my parent's money on the June SAT. I didn't do anything, except raise my score in Critical Reading by 40, but either way it's not that great for MIT. I have already told them that I cannot allow them to pay for anymore tests; so from now on, I will, indeed, be paying for my own SAT's from now on. I plan on taking it again in November, to maybe help my app while it's at MIT, but otherwise, by October, it's very near to over.

While at my college program, I've met so many people I envy. My suitemate had perfect math and near perfect critical reading. -_-' I've bought a $15 iTunes card, and I'm going to buy the Kaplan's SAT Prep game either at home or if my dad lets me while I'm here. "Don't worry about that stuff while you're there, he says." Apparently, he hasn't had to apply to go to school at one of the world's most highly selective institutes. Either way, I'm going to try not to worry about this thing. If MIT wants me, they'll take me [I'll just keep applying there until I'm not allowed to apply anymore].

On the lighter side, I have downloaded what has to be the UBER best internet browser in the world. Better looking than Firefox! Faster than IE! It's......APPLE SAFARI!!! Seriously though, if you want to have a reallllllllllllly nice browser, dl Safari. But I'm just an Apple fan, so don't mind me.

Hmmm, I don't really have much to say at the moment, and my camera is not "with" me at the moment. Jya' Ne.

Monday, 18 June 2007

It's Not The Heat, It's The...

water leak in the upstairs room of your suite.

Yes, I'll explain the title later for those of you who don't understand it [hopefully all of you]. Well, I've officially been at my first college experience program for a good week now, and I guess you could say I'm trying to make the most out of it. It's pretty fun so far, considering I get to READ COMICS for homework in one class [about graphic novels] and get to look up tons of information about countries in the other [also just as fun, believe it or not]. We got there the first day, and I immediately had nothing to do [it was a weekend so no class]. I got moved in to my suite/dorm/whatnot, and met my new roommates, and got that horrid eerie silence thing out of the way. After we get all settled, we got our welcome, met people, made appliances out of ourselves, you know the normal things people do when they come together.

We were all fine and dandy in our suite, and decided, "Hey why not go get some food." Because you know, my friends and I are average humans who like food. Well we go, eat some awesome sandwiches, and then return to our suite. As I opened the door, I immediately stepped in, and found my foot to be wet! I look up and down, and there is water pouring from my roof, onto the floor, and truly flooding the entire suite's first floor. In return, we were not so swiftly removed and placed in a more "habitable" had carpet. We've been in there since, living it up, and enjoying our college experience, expect for me.

Why, you may ask? As you know by now if you read my blog, I am dreaming of a future at the best most awesomest school in the universe. What is this school? MIT. But as I was saying, I've taken the SAT with a pretty good return most of the time. Not exactly MIT good, but good to say the least. Since I hadn't even thought about knowing physics, I decided that instead of going for the subject test in June, I'd take the SAT Reasoning Test instead. Needless to say, the scores are posted Thursday. THURSDAY! and don't even get me started on the ACT [also coming out this week!!!!!!!!11one]

Either way, I am enjoying it here. Even though I have absolutely no desire, motive, or reason to attend the college I'm at for these three more weeks, it is very interesting and fun. I'm taking an awesome graphic novel course taught by an amazing professor, and get to read and draw comic books for homework. I mean, seriously, can it get any better? I've also got a couple of reading suggestions as well, for any graphic novel readers. Superman: Red Son [a story about if Superman had crashed in the U.S.S.R. instead of Kansas] and Persepolis [autobiography of Marjane Satrapi] are the two best at the moment. I also have an awesome global issues class too. We're doing one of my favorite things at the moment. Researching countries, and learning more about them. Seriously, it may sound stupid or wierd or whatever, but I love learning as much as possible about new cultures. Plus, the professor's cool too.

This year's program has seemed fun, but I can't help but feel jealous of last year's group. They were allowed a Java course [I SO WANT THAT COURSE] and to boot, a featured speaker was the awesome MIT renowned Daniel Barkowitz...Daniel T. Barkowitz, the Director of Student Financial Aid and Student Employment at MIT. I'd soooooo love to be able to talk with him about college and financial aid, but I'm enjoying the lady that we have had this year. Since my school has no guidence counselor, I soak up useful information like a sponge, and become a bit of a leach to those who have it and are willing to help [a strong curse]. Mrs. ________ has been VERY understanding and has done more in a week than I've gotten in two years though, so that's awesome. I will be talking to a professor who used to go to MIT, and be speaking with a physicist soon, so all I can do is sit back, think of questions, do homework, and blog at the moment. I've got to do the third of these at the moment though, so talk to ye later. Jya' Ne.

Thursday, 7 June 2007

Wow, Longer Than I Expected

Well, I'm back, and only 54 more days until late July!!! [for any MIT prospect, yeah that's when the applications come out {or so they say}] So far, my summer's gone uber slow, and I'm about fed up with it already. I really need some Christmas music. Oh well, to update ya'll on how things are going so far, I've got about a day or two until my first physics test [Chapter 3: Motion in One Dimension], about two days until my FINAL ACT [!!!!11!1one], and about three days until I probably forget my blog for a month while I'm at the first of many college experience programs, and I haven't even started packing. So I'll blog now about what's been going on.

SAT: I took my last ever SAT Reasoning Test last Saturday. I was excited until I started thinking about my score, and now I'm just ready for them to post the bloody thing so I can get it over with. I've done well enow so far to get highest score in my class, but low compared to MIT standards, so I'm ready to see how I matched up.

Gridiron: Yes, I've taken on another endeavor for next year, and will indeed be playing gridiron next year. Fun: hopefully. Interesting: definitely. Who knows, if I play my cards right, I might be playing gridiron for the Engineers! rofl yeah right.

College: Yup, I can already blog about college, since I was admitted to my first last week. It is most likely the best engineering college in my state [but if ye compare it to other engineering programs, it's probably uber lacking]. Yup, I got my letter the other day, and now all I got to do is fill out the application for next year.

College Experience Program #1: Yup, since I haven't mentioned yet what state I live in, I'm not going to tell you the CEP I'll be participating in. I can tell you it's a MONTH long! I love the whole experience thing, but a month! bah, I'll just have to suffer, and I'm only taking two courses anyway lol. Journalism and the Graphic Novel. woooooooooo. Both were my last choices, and I don't really see much coming from them. I like anime/manga so I suppose that the Graphic Novel would be cool, and if I get my hands on a camera, I'd be an awesome video journalist, but otherwise, that's about it.

Computers: I'm miffed. My computer [an DECREPIT Toshiba laptop] is evil. I severely despise it, and am ready to get rid of it. My family has already discussed this topic for a good year now, but get this, we haven't done anything. I've got my dream computer already made, and all we have to do is purchase it, but I have to consider when I buy it. Here's the deal. I can buy it in December of this year, and get an amazing laptop will the biggest specs that I can place on it, or I can get it in June of next year, and get a FREE iPod Nano!one11!! For those of ye who don't know the problems with my computer [which should be all of ye, unless ye play a certain video game, or go to my school] it has a habit of cutting off when I least expect it. For example, it's probably cut off least, while I'm typing this post. When I play games online, it really cuts off a lot, and they say it's due to overheating. Soo, I bought a $30 "cooling pad." Guess what, it didn't work. My best option is an ice pack that I got for free that I put in the freezer everyday that I have to put under my laptop. Surprisingly, it works.

The New London 2012 Olympic Logo: OK, I'm an Olympics fanboy. I hate to say fanboy, but it's true. I've watched them ever since Atlanta '96 and will watch them till the day I die.

Well, the LOCOG [London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games] announced their latest design for the London 2012 Olympic Games logo. Their decision is below.
Yup, it's......AWESOME ISN'T IT!?!? Yeah, I hated it at first, but now I love it. If you're like I was at the beginning, and can't see what it is, it's a stylised 2012. The only thing I don't really care for is the colours. Also, I kinda still like the candidature logo... [seen below]
See? It looked good to begin with. Oh well. Oh yeah, lol, the new logo has received a good bit of umm... negative criticism. An ad with a blinking logo also caused seizures in about 12 people I think an article said. People are now calling the LOCOG to change the logo, but honestly they don't have any credibility to begin with [yeah, I saw the other designs you Brits came up with]. The new one is nice, and a great design in my opinion. The whole seizure thing is stupid to begin with. Yes, I know it's a medical condition, and I know thousands of people suffer from it daily, but honestly, do you really think that it's just this logo that'd cause it? I mean, have you seen those old MTV commercials??? Yeah, they changed due to time, and I'm sure after 2013 ya'll won't have to worry about it.

2014: Yeah, the decision about the 2014 Winter Olympics comes out on July 4th. I'm gonna be begging for the internet or television that week and the week of SAT releases so that I can check my scores, and watch the announcement of who the games were awarded to. I'm honestly pulling for PyeongChang, Republic of Korea, but I'm scared that Sochi might end up getting it since Russia hasn't hosted an Olympics since 1980 and that Europe just had the 2006 Olympics, and will get the 2012. But then again, Austria hasn't hosted an Olympics since 1976 [also a Winter Olympiad], and Asia is getting the 2008 Olympics, so Salzburg might stand a good chance as well. Guess we'll just have to wait ^_^>.

AND FINALLY!! I've just read a post from a fellow blogger about nerds and geeks, and I have to say that I believe the complete opposite of Snively, if you read what was written, switch the words geek and nerd and you have probably a close approximation of what I think about it. I do agree with, "Nerds play Dungeons and Dragons, read fantasy books." That is true. I've always considered myself a nerd, even though I don't really play D&D, but I still believe that nerd culture is richer than geek culture. Plus, the way they sound does seem to make it go right. Nerd sounds awesome. Bluegirl likened it to the candy, which was also my first thought. It's kinda a way to say nerds are cool, we come in different shapes and sizes, and at times we can be either sweet or tart depending on when you try us. Geek......BAH! Honestly, it sounds like something you'd find on the bottom of your shoe, like seriously, can't you just hear, "Awww man, I stepped in some geek, hold on let me wipe it off." I'd take the time to write things about me, but I've been writing for uhhh... a little while and I'm a bit hungry and I need to make a trip to Wally's World, so I'm gonna say that I so disagree with the whole "I will school you in Wii tennis," stuff is so false. I so pwn when it comes to the Wii lol ^_^ v Well, time to go. Jya' Ne