Saturday, 22 March 2008

Settling + Ades = Evil

Well guys/gals, I got my official letter this week. I am not accepted to MIT, it wasn't just a computer thing [OK, yeah I know it was stupid but I had in the back of my mind, "Oh, well, what if it was just a computer mixup."] I've moved on a bit though and yes, I do know that the last post that I had [that I deleted] I was a good bit miffed and got a bit snippy. I was told that my final two choices will be Georgia Tech or Clemson. I was told that N.C. State's out of the question [lol but since I may be able to snag a full ride {minus transportation} to Hawai'i, it's still somewhat of an option]. I figured the other day that I'm just gonna let things go as they may, even though I want to be going to Georgia Tech for possibility of a better chance of transfer, and because I like the campus better. I'll still settle for Clemson, but that's the thing. I don't want to just "settle" for a college, because to me, it's like just "settling" for a job you don't want, or just settling down and not enjoying life. Now, I don't want this to sound immature, but I've always had something against the word settle. Settling has always meant becoming stagnant. But enough of this, all decisions will come on April 1 when I hear about Fin Aid from Ga Tech.

I'd also like to bring up a few things mentioned in the comments:

Kate: Why? First of all, IT'S JUST THE MOST AMAZING DRINK EVER! OK, actual explanation, I've always loved grape juice, something about the twang or something, I dunno, but it's always tasted a little flat [stagnant maybe?]. So, when I tasted some of Welch's juice, I was in love. It's quickly become one of my most expected gifts, whether it be birthday [one a year], other holiday [also once a time], and Christmas [one bottle last year, FOUR this year]. It's delicious, seriously, if you've never tried it, go, buy a bottle, and enjoy. I like the red better than the white, but that's just me. Also, I'll probably put a post about why I love Calvin Coolidge later. Then again, I've been promising a rant or two for a while as well, so maybe I'll put it in a combo pack. Also, I just decided that I'd rather have Calvin Coolidge since the Republicans keep shouting off about being the next Reagan and the Democrats want to be the next Kennedy, but honestly, I liked Coolidge better than any of them, and reincarnation isn't Frankenstein, it's Dalai Lama. ^_^

Snively: Yeah, I had heard that too, but from what I hear, N.C. State does too. I haven't heard anything about Hawai'i or Clemson's housing though, so I'm not sure. Also, thanks for the mention on the MIT blog, it made me feel all fuzzy inside. Seriously, it's really something to know that I had people pulling for me, [that goes for you too Paul!]. GT may kick me on my rear after a year, but...THEY'VE GOT A WATER SLIDE!

Paul: Thanks man. Snively and you both [and Piper] have really made me feel welcomed in applying to MIT. I'm really grateful for the best wishes for transfer, I'm gonna try my best both for transfer and to have fun in either Clemson or Georgia Tech [even though I'm told GT and Notre Dame have a bit of a rivalry ^_^ still friends though, right? lol] I look forward to keeping in touch too.

José P.: YATTA!

Karen: Mahalo! lol I'd gone through Snively's CPW blog so much, a few [or a bunch of] new fresh images would be awesome. Mahalo for the well-wishes in transfer too. Also, facebook? Yes, no, maybe, rather not say?

Isshak: No worries man, I'm pulling for ye, and will be refreshing my Internet like crazy in May to find out that ye got in!

SBTVD: Uhhh......Mahalo? ^_^'

Hmmmm, OK, enough answers and responses for now. I'm currently watching Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and wondering what ever happened to Gene Wilder, and I can't help but think that choosing Johnny Depp was a horrible mistake, and that Robin Williams would have been better, but that's just my opinion. I've always been fond of Williams. He's cool. Deep Roy did pwn as an Oompa Loompa though. Rock on Deep Roy. Also, until just a few days ago, I HAD NEVER NOTICED THE AMAZING 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY REFERENCE IN Charlie & The Chocolate Factory!!!

R.I.P. Arthur C. Clarke [I even mentioned him in my MIT essay]

Also I've learned something. NEVER drink any Ade, whether it be Gator or Power. I had a grape Power-ade before yesterday's soccer game, and it honestly tasted like I had chugged a thing of Flintstone's Chewable vitamins. OMG, it was horrible. We won though, so I'm good. Well, it's getting a tad late, soooooooo......

Jya' Ne

P.S. TO those of ye wondering about my Facebook stati, it was a play on words from when someone pointed out that MIT was essentially like a drug to me. There were absolutely NO drugs or anything involved. I have never taken nor been addicted to actual drugs lol I was just joking about how I was "under the influence of MIT".

Saturday, 15 March 2008

So, What Happened?

Well, this morning, I was up. I only had three hours of sleep all day, and I went straight to the Methodist Men's Breakfast at the church where the lock-in was. I scarfed down a plate of eggs, sausage, and a biscuit, and listened to the speaker intently. Then I was reminded by the whole Key Club Golf Tournament at 12:00. So, I was faced with a decision: A. Go home, sit with parents, and prepare OR B. Go to the tournament, help out the local Kiwanis, and check when I got home at FOUR!!! I went with B, and had fun at the tourney [even though I was constantly having to keep myself from typing into my iPhone]. Well, I got home, tired and pollen-coated, and grabbed my laptop. My parents and I sat down on the couch, and I read what most people read today. "Dear Walt......I'm so sorry......unable to offer......I'm very sorry."

Sadly, there will be no CPW fun for me this year. No liquid nitrogen ice cream with sprinkles, no trying out for the varsity blogging team, no trying out for any Engineers sports team, no bouncy balls, no Simmons, no Random, no Great Dome, no Infinite Corridor, no IH[L]TFP, or to summarise, no MIT [or at least this year]. I now must choose between Ga. Tech, Hawai'i, Clemson, and N.C. State, and honestly I have no bloody clue what I'm going to do. I had prepared for this, and I feared it would happen, so I have somewhat of a plan, but mainly, I'm lost.

It's truly been a ride, and, as hinted at earlier, one that I plan to take again. I've discussed it with my family, and we've talked a bit about trying for transfer admissions[Aye I know the odds there too ^_^']. Though I'm going to try my hardest for transfer, I'm definitely going to make the best out of wherever I end up next year, whether it be studying next to Pierre De Coubertin's statue in Atlanta, laying on the beach in Hawai'i, rushing the field at Death Valley, or......doing whatever N.C. State students do. Plus, this may be a good thing if I can defeat the odds and get in on transfer. I mean, seriously, how many transfer students blog? I could be the first, and show that there are such things as transfers into MIT!

Oh well, we'll have to just wait and see right? I'm glad to see that some of the fellow pre-MIT bloggers got in [or at least waitlisted], and I wish you all godspeed at MIT, and to those of you who didn't get in, no worries. I guess it's like what I've been hearing a lot of lately. If it's really in us, we will make the difference in the world that we want to make, no matter where we go. If we were able to even consider MIT as a college choice, we have the ability to truly change the world. Let's not let this get to us much. Yes, it is hard to get over. It's rejection in any sense. Human nature doesn't take well to rejection, but we grow and we get over it. We grow, and we become stronger through our rejection. We remain resilient and refuse to give up our cause. But OH WELL...

So, I guess, status of the blog, hmmm, I'll keep it until I get a second rejection/first acceptance from MIT. *raises glass of Welch's Sparkling Red Grape Juice* To the future.

Until later...

Quick Update Semi-live Blog

So, I'm currently blogging fromok my phone, watching The Guardian, so this'll be short.  Monday and Tuesday's conference went splendidly and we won second in the annual vollyball tourney. Wednesday was  uneventful.  We lost  the game on Thursday [horribly] but we won today [I guess yesterday now.  Final decisions come out in about 8 hours, and once normal people start waking up, I go to breakfast, then church clean-up, and then possibly helping out at a local golf tourney.  Will I find out with the rest of the world at 12:00?  No clue.  Either way, I'll let yehe know how things go.  Jya' ne.

Sunday, 9 March 2008

The Numbers

I'm currently watching a countdown like it's about to explode and shower me with candy, video games, random electronical devices, the knowledge of all things language, the knowledge of all things chocolatey, and numerous amounts of Pocky.  The countdown however doesn't care and just looks at me, silently laughing.  OK maybe I'm getting a bit too paranoid, but as everyone knows [or everyone associated with MIT/not yet associated with MIT knows] DECISIONS COME OUT ON SATURDAY!!!!!  I'm about to go crazy, like everyone else, but I'm trying to remain calm.  

I'm also without the all loved  Brawl today because I did not pre-order, sadly.  I'm going to wait, and hopefully get it later [Got a b-day coming up soon].  This week's going to be an interesting one.  I'm going to be at a conference until Tuesday, then on Wednesday Youth, Soccer Thursday, Soccer Friday, Youth Lock-in Friday night, and then Saturday.  lol OOOOOOHHHHH Saturday.  We'll just wait and see.  I never know what to say on the MIT blogs so I'll say it here.  Good luck to any who applied.  I wish ya'll the best, and congratulate you if you get in.  [Yes I know I've rammed everything together in this post, but just tolerate it for now.] 

This will be the last post until Saturday when I may give ya'll a recap.  I'm still debating on if I should wait for snail-mail or if I should just check it on the Internet on Saturday.  Oh well.

Jya Ne'

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

It's A Three Ring Circus...Kinda

Well, this month's been crazy so far, and while the storm swirls around me [seriously, it's coming down out there], I figured I'd blog. Football [soccer] games have started. I was able to go to the circus [during school]. AND I watched a house burn down across the road from my home.

I guess I should explain for the last two.

So, every year, my school's headmaster sets it up for an unnamed circus to come and entertain us for one period. It's nice. The team sets up in the gym, we get a show, and everyone has a decent time. There's always a talk about some of the costumes, and some repetition in acts, and increases of prices, but still it's a decent way to take a break from two periods.

As for the house, it was just an unoccupied very old house that had started to break down. Looked decent on the outside, but on the inside was horrible. The owners of the land were going to demolish it, but someone had the idea to torch it, and that's exactly what they did.

Also, MIT decisions come out in on an unknown date this month, and it could or could not be either 10 or 17 days away from now......Yeah...That close. Well needless to say it's hit me pretty hard, and I'm about to go out of my bloody mind. I know that I should be prepared for anything [especially the worse, as someone actually told me yesterday {I love the support I've got}] and I feel like I'm at least decently prepared, even though I have absolutely no idea what to do if the worse does happen. It's a bit like the doctor off of Courage The Cowardly Dog. [referencing the quote, "There is nothing, absolutely nooooothing to worry about, but there's nothing I can do."] I have nothing to be worried about because I've got a pretty decent system of safety nets going, but there's absolutely nothing I can do about it now, and I have absolutely no clue about what to do if the worse happens.

This week is also going to be wild. I've got to interview a WWII teenager, soccer [I'm going to refer to it as soccer because of enough people lecturing me about this whole "being in America" stuff] practice along with a game [or two], and goodness knows what else. One thing I don't have to worry about is my English IV honours work though. I've read all of Night by Elie Weisel [and will recommend it to everyone] and all that's left is a bunch of annoying questions due in, oh say, a week or two. And scholarship stuff, don't even get me started on that. But, to quote the Nader campaign, "Onward."

Speaking of campaigns, John McCain's campaign won big tonight, having successfully nailed the Republican's nomination. So!!! Now we have a field that looks like this:

Republican: John McCain [Oh my we really are fudged now aren't we?]
Democrat: Barack Obama [I'm pretty sure he'll have the Dem. nomination, and already have a...let's say, bet, that he'll become President Obama {it's against my dad so it's not that bad} by November]
Independent: Ralph Nader [Isn't he cute, going out, giving it one more try, lol, all I can do is laugh and wish him the best] [He's already got a VP too, MATT GONZALEZ]
Green: Cynthia McKinney [The Greens think Nader's a "sell-out" so I guess he's like the Green Ron Paul, so Madame McKinney has this nomination down]
Libertarian: Oh wait, Ron Paul's not running for Libertarian......blast...uhhh...maybe that Root guy? [Actually I'd like to see Monsieur Imperato get this nomination, I dunno if he'd get my vote, but why the heck not?]
Constitution: uhhh....Alan Keyes >_>' maybe? [Well they haven't made a decision, but right now, depending on how the candidates decide, the frontrunners are either Monsieur Keyes or Judge Roy Moore]

[There's also the Amondson/Pletten ticket for the Prohibitionist, Moore/Alexander for the Socialist, or Calero/Kennedy for the Socialist WORKER in you.

So now ye're either bored out of you're mind because ye don't care or ye're wondering who the devil these people are. Well, two of these candidates have already debated each other before. I'll let ye search for THAT one. My candidate [ONCE AGAIN] has been knocked out, AND!!! Domo-kun is still awesome.

So, since I'm now going to have to choose between one of these "highly-qualified" and "truly amazing" candidates to give my vote to, I'll be blunt about who I had supported. I have a list.

TEH List:
the reincarnation of Calvin Coolidge
Al Gore
Ron Paul
Steven Colbert
Joe Biden
Sam Brownback

Crazy isn't it? Yeah, I know it has a bunch of different ones on there but sure enough, yeah, they all dropped out. The first three are in order of my votes, but the others are just kind of random. Oh well, enough of the little window into my opinions. It's late, and since I've already moved into the politics area, I'll end with this nice little political nugget...