Saturday, 29 December 2007


OH YEAH, PATRIOTS WIN!!! 16-0!!!! RECORDS BROKEN!! ACTUALL POST LATER!Just let me enjoy the win for now.

Sunday, 23 December 2007

Poor Mars

Well, they took out Pluto, Eris, and even Ceres, but now, going after Mars? Oh well, here's a good read.

Asteroid May Smash Into Mars

True Believers Only

OK, By reading the title of this post, ya'll might expect me to go into some long angry post about religion, but guess what!?!?! This is for the other kind of believers.

Yup this is for the kid-at-heart Santa believers. This post is mainly for a website that's fun for anyone [but especially if you have siblings, family members, or younger friends that still stay true to the man in red {non-believers can enjoy it too^_^}]. Now, when I was a kid [I was brought up with Santa, I'm not sure about any other readers, if you didn't hear about Santa, I'm sorry, I was, and this post may not interest you at all unless you know of someone] I was always told that I needed to be in bed [preferably asleep] on Christmas Eve as soon as possible so that Santa would come. I did [being the resourceful child that I was, I even set up a camera] and the presents and tape proved it, and I was happy with Santa. One year after my camera escapade [I did video Santa for those of ya'll wondering ^_^>] my father found this website.

Now, I had never heard about NORAD or anything else dealing with it, but I knew that these people somehow were tracking Santa, so I tried to find out as much as possible. Sure enough, I found out who NORAD was, and their story seemed to stand up. So, every year, I would run to the family desktop and watch to see when would be the prime time to go to sleep. Even now, it's a tradition I keep.

Well, I'd love to say more, but I gotta go celebrate Christmas, wrap my gifts, and celebrate Christmas for the reasons I celebrate it.

Merry Christmas, and Happy Holiday of Your Choosing.

Thursday, 20 December 2007

Early Christmas, brought to you by Nintendo

Well, on both ends of the emotional spectrum, my official deferral letter came in today, and I'm perfectly fine with that [the Internet one seen below {yes it is edited at the name and it didn't really say "Man of Mystery"}]. I still have hope, so I'm going to grab onto that hope and most likely strangle it nearly to death until 15 or 22 March. But while I'm bear-hugging my hopes, I'm doing work at school, work and apps [and app supplements] at home, and playing with my Wii.

This year, Nintendo treated me to an early Christmas by FINALLY sending my brand new straps and Wiimote covers. To anyone who bought one after all the recalls on straps and additions happened, ye don't have to worry about any of this because ye've been spoiled by getting the new straps and the covers along with your system. Those of us who stood in line, pre-ordered, or bought one before the new stuff came out, received no covers and the "dangerous" straps that snap at the drunken throws of people everywhere. I mean, seriously [not really], what were they thinking? People actually playing games sober? Please. [OK, maybe I should lay off the sarcasm] The new accessories are a good improvement over what I had though, so it's really nice. I never had problems with the old stuff though, and the only slightly negative thing was that I nailed my cat during a game of Wii bowling, but in the end, he knew it was his fault because he saw my warnings, but came anyway. [I guess I should have made more warnings, but it was mainly his fault.] Either way, I will still pwn anyone at Wii tennis, and my cat should pay attention more. [Oh yeah, harmless cool website plug, check it out, Wii Have A Problem]

[We don't get along, so I love this picture because of how much he hates that sweater]

The new accessories are nice either way. The covers are comfortable, and have padding around the front end [maybe good for my cat], and are a nice clear colour so I can enjoy the modern white of the Wiimote. They are also made for quicker battery changes too, so I love them. The straps are also nice, one of my favourite features is the clip feature. Since it snaps it closed, it holds it in place, which I like. The string on the end of the strap looks like Nintendo put it on steroids, and even though the pictures are hard to see, the difference is crazy. To those of ya'll who haven't already put your orders in, I recommend that ya'll do it soon. Nintendo will ship for free, and they're very nice accessories to have. And seriously, who ever wants to pass up free stuff?

I love Nintendo. They're just so nice and awesome [like a certain institvte I know of]. OK well, that's enough for this post. My next one may be a bit more uhh... angry and rantish? Also, I've finally updated my blog to Eastern Standard Time. lol for some reason, I was still posting on Pacific time.

Have fun, and happy Christmas.

Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Just For Now

Well guys and gals, I have two actual posts in the works, but they aren't done yet, so I'll give you an update real quick. Well, as you can see, my colours haven't changed, and they won't until 15/22 March for Regular Decisions, even if I may be a deferred admit, I still have a chance. As Ben Jones said in one of his past MIT Admissions posts, "Deferral is not rejection."

Also as a quick update, I'm considering adding another language to my repertoire, but I don't want to add a normal one. I am really wanting to learn a dying or small language because there is something important in learning something that's dying or slowly growing out of use, and by losing something as important as a language loses a culture. So, if ya'll [which I now hear is supposed to be y'all] would like to help suggest one or comment one the ones I'm thinking about, I'm open to everything.

My current ideas:
1. Hawaiian - I've always loved the Hawaiian culture and the language is truly a beautiful one. My dad was born in Hawai'i and I love learning about its history and people.

2. Inuktitut - OK, I have absolutely no relation to the Inuit people or their language [besides Nunavut being one of my favourite Canadian territories], but the culture is also one of sheer intrigue and is really interesting.

3. Cherokee or Lumbee- I lived in North Carolina for a long time, like a good 70%, at least. I've always enjoyed the cultures, mythology, and history of American tribes, and learning the language of one from North Carolina would be awesome.

Also, SAT scores come out tomorrow, and ACT may have come out tonight, but I'm going to wait and check both at the same time.

Well, I got to go work on the rest of my letter to MIT. Talk to ya'll later.

Saturday, 15 December 2007


Well, I've found another box and switch. I've also hit the wall, but I'm not unconscious yet. Here I come Regular Action!!

A Couple More... I move into the less than thirty minutes left mark. I don't like the third one much, but it came to me, so what the heck?

Applying to MIT is like searching through a box in the attic, three things can happen:

1. You open the box only to find tons of cool stuff like old comic books, cards, or all that other cool stuff. [Acceptance]
2. You open the box only to find that a family of spiders have made it their home, and you just tried out their new home security system. [Rejection]
3. You open the box to find...what?...ANOTHER BOX?!?! [Deferral]


Applying to MIT is like looking into a flashlight, one of three things can happen:

1. The batteries have died, you live to see another day. [Acceptance]
2. %$&#! One of those LED flashlights blinded ye. [Rejection]
3. You cut it on, and it's bright [What'd you expect you turned on a flashlight?], but what's this? There's another switch? [Deferral]

Friday, 14 December 2007

As I Sit...

As I sit here thinking about different ways to describe MIT applications, one thing keeps coming to mind, so as I sit, slowly entering the 12 hours left stage, I'm going to share them with you all at random [meaning that I'm just going to post ones that come to me as separate posts until the big decision]. [Note: Comparisons don't provide options for transfer, though that is always an option, and if worse comes to worse, it will be an option I pursue to the fullest.]

Applying to MIT is like running headlong into a brick wall. When it finally comes time to hit it, three things can happen.
1. You can hit it only to find out the bricks are child bricks of cardboard, and they all fall down, and you realise you had nothing to worry about all along. [Acceptance]
2. You hit it and get knocked unconscious, never to think of the brick wall again. [Rejection]
3. You hit it, nothing happens, you walk back to the start, and run again. [Deferral]

Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Pi Sin

OK, guys, I was driving home from school the other day, and as I scan the area around the road, BAM, I see this. One of my friends was with me, and as I start laughing and enjoying the fact that the sign is 3.14 acres, my friend shot me one of those, "You haven't snapped, have you?" looks, and asks me what the devil I was laughing at. Also, If you get a good look at the picture, I love the way it labels one of the roads as "DIRT ROAD." Well, gtg, enjoy the sign.

[3 days 14 hours 35 minutes]

Monday, 10 December 2007


12:00:00 PM EST on 15 December 2007!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111!!!!!!!!1111ONEONEone!!!!!!11!!!!!!!!!exclamationpoint!!

[Big smile, eye twitch, drop books]

Friday, 7 December 2007

Blog Colours

Hey guys, as ya'll know, I read Snively's Blog [I check it everyday]. Being the investigative guy that I am [and one who is a tad overly obsessed with MIT] I looked back at Snively's December 2006 posts. I knew that he was accepted early, and I wanted to see "The tube" so I went to the beginning, and read. I found all I was looking for and more. I also found this post. So, I figured since he did it, and got the aforementioned tube, it wouldn't hurt me that much to try it as well ^_^> So, in tradition, I've changed my blog's colours to commemorate MIT soon to be announced Early Admissions. Enjoy, and wish me luck ^_^> [I'll need it]

Not The Best Princess

Aloha all!

Well guys, it’s finally over...kinda. I HAVE indeed taken my last SAT. Last Saturday was the big day, and come this Saturday, the ACT will also be a thing of the past. If my assumptions are right, MIT’s big day, the Acceptance Day is within a WEEK!!! According to the CollegeBoard, it is within a week, but the big guys and gals haven’t said anything official yet. College apps are also going...decent. Though it’s mainly over, I still have three [maybe four] more to do, but they aren’t fully due until January or February for some. What has caused my pain lately, scholarships. I mean some of them are lengthier than college apps. But, oh well, it’ll all be over soon.

As I sat here thinking about what to blog about, since nothing’s really going on, except for the obvious lol, so I’ve decided to explain the title of the post.

lol I’m talking about the recent Powderpuff Football Game at our school. To those who don’t know what this is, or have this at their school, a Powderpuff Football game is a football game where the Senior and Junior girls battle it out on the football field, the Senior and Junior guys are dolled up, taught cheers, and made cheerleaders, the student council makes money, and the Senior guys compete for “Powderpuff Queen,” which is voted on by the student body [K5 – 12th]. All in all, it’s fun, the girls get to finally release the stress that they’ve built up against the Juniors, the Senior guys get to attack the Junior guys [even though we look crazy], and the little ones will constantly get laughs. Since we have a small Senior class, we have very few guys, about seven. Three of these guys took the easy route and grabbed the “coach” spots, leaving the other four of us as cheerleaders. One of the cheerleaders didn’t show, and the people bringing the stuff only brought one wig. Guess who was chosen to wear it...

There is no way to explain this picture >.< [I wasn't happy]

The cheerleaders...

Me cheering...

Yup, me. But I took my lot with grace and donned the wig, make-up, and balloons, and cheered my wig off. In the end, I won "Powderpuff Princess" [I hate that title] and got most likely a year's worth of jokes to live down. But oh well, the little ones laughed their heads off, Seniors won 14-0 and exams are approaching, so I'm good. For those of ya'll who know me on Facebook, ya'll can probably navigate your way around to finding the other pics >.<

Later all, and happy fourth day of Chanukkah!

Wednesday, 5 December 2007

The Beowulf Club

Aloha all and Happy Chanukkah everyone! Since I haven't posted much in a while, and I know that some people tend to post papers and stuff on here, I'm going to post a recent review that I made on Beowulf the movie [Warning, if you liked the movie to a strong degree or simply a normal degree, DON'T READ THIS. I didn't like it, and I feel that there are better movies out there. Also, If you hate a little bit of scrappy English, I'd recommend ye not read this either as it gets choppy in certain parts.]

I recently received the opportunity this Saturday to waste a full two hours of my busy day. What gave me this pleasure, you may ask? Beowulf, the 2007 edition. I guess just telling you that the movie stunk isn’t good enough, so let me give you my gist of the thing first. Beowulf consisted of one of the most forced amalgamations of poor writing, “Hollywood-izing” of a book, and brilliant 3D animation this reviewer has ever seen.

Beowulf is based on the epic poem of the same name and revolves around the egotistical main character, Beowulf. The condensed form of the story is: man cheats on wife with demon, gets cursed, becomes king, and later gets drunk, drunken merriment angers illegitimate demon child, child attacks, kills, and destroys, Mr. Ego comes, shouts his name a bit, kills illegitimate child, more shouting, repeat steps one through four, another illegitimate child is born[this time a dragon], name shouting again, dragon’s death, finally the ultimate end to the shouting as Mr. Ego gets permanently silenced, and then nothing. The ending was near senseless, pathetic, and a definite let down. Seriously, what better way is there to end a movie than by having the title character kill himself and putting his best friend face-to-face with his demon lover [note the sarcasm]?

Before I get into the actual movie, let me first mention what was good about it. The 3D was indeed superb, and no doubts the best that I’ve seen in a while. The end. That was the only good aspect about it. The 3D would honestly be the only reason one should watch this movie, and even it was drawn out tighter than a bridge cable by the time the movie was over. The stereotypical events where it was apparent that Zemeckis wanted to show off the revolutionary 3D where the obvious spear “comes” out of the screen along with the other annoying attempts to say, “Hey we have pretty 3D animation,” got so annoying that by the third time it happened, I considered doing what exactly one fourth of the audience did after the first ten to twenty minutes, and leave.

Since I’ve already started with the negative points of the movie, I’ll continue. Beowulf as a piece of art was generally good, but as a cinematic piece, Beowulf came up rather short. The movie itself somewhat reminded me of one of those toys we play with as a child where the square blocks go into the square holes, the circle blocks go into the circle holes, etc. The movie, however, seemed like the game with only square blocks with circle holes. The movie as a whole seemed rather forced as if Zemeckis was trying to “dumb down” the poem for the least attentive of the audience. If this was the case, I believe he hit the target, and kept going a few hundred kilometres. The movie was filled with yelling, and though I understand that the characters are Vikings and thus expected to yell, I believe they brought that screaming to too high of a degree. Beowulf’s own love of himself, also expected, seemed to go a bit too far as well as almost every other five minutes, he was shouting his own name, like the audience had fallen asleep and apparently forgotten who he was.

Before I end, I’d also like to make a couple of statements about the more controversial issues of the movie. The “pornography” that many people talked about was less porn and more of an annoyance. I mean if someone really had a fetish for Barbie dolls and/or gold paint, then yes, it would definitely be pornographic, but to those who are mature enough to understand that she’s a demon, it’s all computer animated, and it wasn’t meant to arouse, there shouldn’t be any problem. The partial nudity that got on my nerves the most was Beowulf’s rather than Grendel’s mother’s, and it surprised me how they censor Beowulf every chance they get to the point where you can predict the times that a “hidden” “area” censor will come up, whereas with Grendel’s mother, the censors could care less about coming up and the gold whatever liquid quickly drips off as if Zimeckis wanted to cause an uproar. As for the off-hand references to Christianity, I noted them pretty soon when we are confronted with someone sharing Christianity at what is essentially a urinal at the beginning. The second blast came when the essential village idiot of the movie, Unferth, becomes the village’s only monk. It makes one wonder, should religious zealots really focus on movies such as The Golden Compass when movies such as this insult Christianity more blatantly?

In the end, I’d definitely say that I wouldn’t recommend this movie to anyone except to maybe 3D animators, and even then, I’d only tell them to do it if they had some money they really wanted to waste, though burning it would be quicker and a lot more fun. I wouldn’t send my senior class to see it because of the sheer quality of the movie’s direction, its hopeful discontinuity with the book, and the fact that I’d doubt most of the people are mature enough to get through it without laughing their heads off or saying “Ewww,” every chance they got. The movie itself didn’t give me the feeling that I had watched something dirty, so I doubt that I’d consider it pornographic or bad in that sense, but in the end, it was simply a waste of money and time, though I did score some extra credit for it. The movie itself was decent, but for those who have grown up with good movies with full, well defined plots and at least decent artistic design, watching Beowulf will feel like a punch in the gut. Now don’t get me wrong, it’ll be a pretty, well-exectuted punch in the gut, but at the end of the day you’ll still be walking funny.

Yes dear Zero Punctuation fans, I did get a couple quotes from dear old Yahtzee [or at least modded them] and for the whiners about my little stab [not really a stab but like a friendly nudge] at The Golden Compass, might I say, I could care less about the "Atheistic" parts of it, or at least I'll determine whether I care about that after the movie. I'm going against a couple of my teacher's wishes by watching it, but I could kinda care less. Enjoy my scratchy, a bit angry review. Jya Ne.