Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Breaking it with a Blog

Well guys, I'm on a bit of a break today since I've gotten most of my homework done, and I figured I'd post an entry about some things I've found interesting or been thinking about lately. The first thing is this:
Now, for ya'll BIG fans of my blog, or those with good memories, this sign has been featured here once before. If you remember, I blogged about my trip to the Final Four, where I watched all but the Championship game because of it being ON A SCHOOL NIGHT O_O *twitch*. I also talked about my huge misprint that I discovered after I had finished it, and was holding it up at the games [It was supposed to read, MIT PWNS, but I just wasn't of my senses at the time I guess]. I also blogged about my trip to the other eastern coast tech. You know, the one with the yellow jackets or something like that [please note the sarcasm]. [BTW, Click the original picture at the Georgia Tech sign, and notice the phrase in chalk above my head. My father and I noticed it when we were checking how the picture turned out, and it just worked out perfectly lol]

After the trip, my mother asked me, "What's that thing for?" I politely responded that, "Its there to spread my message to the world." She consented and let the poster stay in the den for
a while. After about two weeks though, it went missing. [She hid it.] During a recent clean-up at my house it resurfaced [a sign maybe???]. Either way, now it's in my room! and I'm displaying it PROUDLY!

Currently, my interview still has yet to appear on my Online App Tracker, but I guess it's OK, because if I'm not mistaken, my interviewer was going on vacation last week anyway. I'm still worried, but I'm keeping my hopes high, and my dreams higher ^_^>. Well, my Frankenstein book's giving me a weird look, and is mysteriously on my bed now [was under my pillow] so I believe that my break is over. Kate sorry for no response to the stuff on comments in this one. I promise, responses will be in one of the next two posts.

Saturday, 25 August 2007

The Countdown's Begun

OK, If I get screwed over by Blogger again, I'm moving to a different blogging site. I wrote an entry, and then went to upload pics. After uploading, I lost the biggest paragraph entirely. I did copy the entry in its entirety before the destruction. Here it is in picture form, ye'll have to click it, it's unreadable otherwise [unless ye wanna read the tiny writing]

Sunday, 12 August 2007


Well guys, I'm pretty sure gridiron is over. After a long discussion with arguments, yelling, and stuff galore, my family and I have decided that I will not be playing it this school year. -_-' I am still going to do football [soccer] though, so that's good. I guess it's all for the best in the end since it'll give me more time to focus on academics and stuff. In other, more brighter, news, I'm going to be going to school in two weeks. Now those of you who aren't seniors, or actually like your high school won't understand why I'm excited to go to school. I do like to learn......a lot, but I mainly am ready to go to school because IT WILL BE OVER EVEN SOONER!!! All I've got to worry about is getting through safely [grades that is]. But now, I've gotta go.