Wednesday, 23 April 2008


OK as the title implies, this is going to be just a quick, short, sweet, and to the point post to let ya'll know that I'm not dead, and really care about my blog.

1 Blog's one year old, and this makes my technical 50th post [Woo!]
2 I'm 18 now, everyone said, "Oh now you can buy cigarettes and lottery tickets." My response, "Oh, I guess. The first thing that came to my mind was that now I could call in on commercials when it says you must be 18 years or older to call."
3 Though I struggled to get Georgia Tech considered, it got tossed on its rear by my parents. [they say that they just didn't like the atmosphere/people/blah when they went there] [MIT pwns Ga. Tech, confirmed by my dad]
4 I'm going to Clemson next year. I hear from the Honours College about acceptance in n days.
5 I'm allowed three transfer apps next year if I really want them.
6 Three days until Senior Trip!!!!!!1one!!!!
7 36 'til Graduation!
8 Soccer's almost over!?!?!?!? FOREVER?
9 Ya'll get to learn lots of new fun stuff about Clemson in the next year on my blog ^_^' lol if ya'll decide to keep reading
10 I'm getting a Mac!!!! [waiting until June though]
11 It's fun to say "Popodopolis's bubbly schisms."
12 I'm kind of running out of news [if ye haven't already noticed]
13 Webcomic of the week: garfield minus garfield
14 I've got a summer job...WORKING WITH ENGINEERS!
15 Sleep is a lie, just like cake.
16 Sociology 101 is almost over with [I'll have to explain this, but I LOATHE SOC 101]
17 I'm learning ASL in free time since muscle memory is easier at the moment than mental memory
18 I'm going to bed, Jya' Ne and Good night wherever ye are.


kate said...

My friend Jess may be going to Clemson, too. That is, if she can make up her mind.

Anyway, keep me posted!

(I miss sleep. I got to sleep a lot last week...what is up with this one?!)

Karen said...

congrats on your decision!

also, sleep is not a lie, it's just only for dead people :)

Anonymous said...

I was just wondering what (more specific if possible) it is that made your parents feel so uncomfortable about Georgia Tech? I too visited the campus and I feel that it is an amazing school and the atmosphere around campus is just fine. I know that each person has their own opinions and that is exactly why I am asking this. I would just like to get someone else's point of view on this.