Friday, 15 August 2008

Random Car Thoughts

Well, I'm blogging now from my dad's TrailBlazer, sitting in the only fouth of a backseat left after the horror that was called "packing" last night. I can barely move. I apologise for the lack of posts, I had a couple of filler posts planned, but I kind of decided that my last week would be with family instead of the Internet, so I neglected the blog with my bored tired missions trip post. But that won't matter in five hours because I'll be in Clemson ready for move-in insanity tomorrow at 8 in the morning. It's really something to know that college is less than a week away.

I'd also like to apologise for the tone of my post now, because my mind is wandering for numerous reasons, and I don't like going back to re-write something on CellSpin, my iPhone blogging app. It's good, but they need to make a couple of updates to it. It's still the best on iTunes for Blogger blogs though. [Pardon the random comment but I just saw gas for $3.37 a gallon, we're stopping to get gas now.].

I'd like to make a remark about packing for college students or future college students. SpaceBags. If you've seen them on TV or somewhere, and wondered if they work, they do. We got some last night because my clothes and I wouldn't fit in the car together, so after a trip to Wal•Mart [no local Target] we had four Space Bags. For those who don't know what they do, SpaceBags store your clothes, blankets, comforters so that you don't waste untold amounts of space by allowing you to suck the air out with a standard vacuum. Very fun to watch. They're definitely a lifesaver when car space or general space is limited.

I probably have more suggestions, anecdotes, comments, etc in my head, but now I'm tired and learning again why I hate my father's driving [I'm not allowed by parents to have my truck *sigh*]. Oh well. Jya mata for now.

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