Thursday, 17 July 2008

Tasting the Orange and Purple [and a Little Red]

So, I'm not dead. I spent the weekend before last at Clemson for orientation, and I've been...recovering since. It was definitely a trip, and Clemson is a beautiful place. I've found out my roommate, my house assignment, and I get started making my list of things to pack/buy for my room today. I'm warming up to everything up there, but it'll take some time get fully adjusted.  Sadly, orientation for me was a good bit boring. We started off by going to a bunch of meetings to tell us a bunch of stuff that we knew from prior mailings and web searches. Then lunch, and then after that more meetings. Second day, I finally got to register for classes, after everyone else [engineering students got second to last dibs at classes]. So, after getting all happy about my crashing spaceship/Conway's Game of Life reject schedule, my hopes were quickly dashed to the rocks when I actually did register. Now, my schedule looks...schedulish. It doesn't really have much of a distinct look to it.


But c'est la vie. As for my language course, YUP! I'm taking Chinese. I even checked for Spanish for my parents, but it was all booked up from 101 to 30*. I can't wait for Chinese 101. I really want to get started digging into the courses like I never have, and I can't wait for all the new opportunities college has to offer [forgive me if it sounds dorky]. School starts in 28 days, wooo!

In other news, I got to tour my "local" Honda plant last weekend. They don't make cars, but they do produce ATV's from top to bottom and assemble and ship PWC's. Getting to tour the plant was awesome, and I definitely learned a lot about mass production while I was there. It did leave me with a bunch of questions that a bunch of people were unable to answer, so I'm going to be doing all sorts of research on behalf of these questions. I even got the opportunity to talk the Assistant Manager, and, after talking a while, I may get the chance to have a co-op there next year! lol I'd love to be the one to test the vehicles. The machines, the harmony of the mechanisms, the robots, it all was crazy interesting. Most of the robots weren't performing their day-to-day tasks though, most were doing the equivalency of side show tricks. One robot was programmed to dance to the Cha Cha Slide, for example. I have pictures, but I was spoiled by the memory card slot on my old laptop, and I don't know where my cord is for my camera. I promise I'll search for it in the coming weeks.

I'm out of topics and with no pics so that's enough for tonight. Jya' Ne and happy trails.

P.S. - Guys, if I'm to trust my map of places my readers come from...some of you guys/gals are from all sorts of places. Canada, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Spain, Britain, India, Germany, Indonesia, China, Denmark, and even the U.A.E. if I'm not mistaken. Awesome guys! How's it going? What's up? Also, did ya'll hear about my blog [this question goes for a good bit of the Americans too]. I mean, seriously, I have a good idea about a couple of ya'll, but seriously, how'd ya'll find me, and if ya'll came with some questions about my college searches, college choices, or anything else, don't be afraid to ask. Just leave a comment, I respond, seriously.

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Shauna said...

Hey I must represent the Jamaican on ur map. Found ur blog through other blogs linked with MIT. I was a MIT hopeful too.