Saturday, 22 March 2008

Settling + Ades = Evil

Well guys/gals, I got my official letter this week. I am not accepted to MIT, it wasn't just a computer thing [OK, yeah I know it was stupid but I had in the back of my mind, "Oh, well, what if it was just a computer mixup."] I've moved on a bit though and yes, I do know that the last post that I had [that I deleted] I was a good bit miffed and got a bit snippy. I was told that my final two choices will be Georgia Tech or Clemson. I was told that N.C. State's out of the question [lol but since I may be able to snag a full ride {minus transportation} to Hawai'i, it's still somewhat of an option]. I figured the other day that I'm just gonna let things go as they may, even though I want to be going to Georgia Tech for possibility of a better chance of transfer, and because I like the campus better. I'll still settle for Clemson, but that's the thing. I don't want to just "settle" for a college, because to me, it's like just "settling" for a job you don't want, or just settling down and not enjoying life. Now, I don't want this to sound immature, but I've always had something against the word settle. Settling has always meant becoming stagnant. But enough of this, all decisions will come on April 1 when I hear about Fin Aid from Ga Tech.

I'd also like to bring up a few things mentioned in the comments:

Kate: Why? First of all, IT'S JUST THE MOST AMAZING DRINK EVER! OK, actual explanation, I've always loved grape juice, something about the twang or something, I dunno, but it's always tasted a little flat [stagnant maybe?]. So, when I tasted some of Welch's juice, I was in love. It's quickly become one of my most expected gifts, whether it be birthday [one a year], other holiday [also once a time], and Christmas [one bottle last year, FOUR this year]. It's delicious, seriously, if you've never tried it, go, buy a bottle, and enjoy. I like the red better than the white, but that's just me. Also, I'll probably put a post about why I love Calvin Coolidge later. Then again, I've been promising a rant or two for a while as well, so maybe I'll put it in a combo pack. Also, I just decided that I'd rather have Calvin Coolidge since the Republicans keep shouting off about being the next Reagan and the Democrats want to be the next Kennedy, but honestly, I liked Coolidge better than any of them, and reincarnation isn't Frankenstein, it's Dalai Lama. ^_^

Snively: Yeah, I had heard that too, but from what I hear, N.C. State does too. I haven't heard anything about Hawai'i or Clemson's housing though, so I'm not sure. Also, thanks for the mention on the MIT blog, it made me feel all fuzzy inside. Seriously, it's really something to know that I had people pulling for me, [that goes for you too Paul!]. GT may kick me on my rear after a year, but...THEY'VE GOT A WATER SLIDE!

Paul: Thanks man. Snively and you both [and Piper] have really made me feel welcomed in applying to MIT. I'm really grateful for the best wishes for transfer, I'm gonna try my best both for transfer and to have fun in either Clemson or Georgia Tech [even though I'm told GT and Notre Dame have a bit of a rivalry ^_^ still friends though, right? lol] I look forward to keeping in touch too.

José P.: YATTA!

Karen: Mahalo! lol I'd gone through Snively's CPW blog so much, a few [or a bunch of] new fresh images would be awesome. Mahalo for the well-wishes in transfer too. Also, facebook? Yes, no, maybe, rather not say?

Isshak: No worries man, I'm pulling for ye, and will be refreshing my Internet like crazy in May to find out that ye got in!

SBTVD: Uhhh......Mahalo? ^_^'

Hmmmm, OK, enough answers and responses for now. I'm currently watching Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and wondering what ever happened to Gene Wilder, and I can't help but think that choosing Johnny Depp was a horrible mistake, and that Robin Williams would have been better, but that's just my opinion. I've always been fond of Williams. He's cool. Deep Roy did pwn as an Oompa Loompa though. Rock on Deep Roy. Also, until just a few days ago, I HAD NEVER NOTICED THE AMAZING 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY REFERENCE IN Charlie & The Chocolate Factory!!!

R.I.P. Arthur C. Clarke [I even mentioned him in my MIT essay]

Also I've learned something. NEVER drink any Ade, whether it be Gator or Power. I had a grape Power-ade before yesterday's soccer game, and it honestly tasted like I had chugged a thing of Flintstone's Chewable vitamins. OMG, it was horrible. We won though, so I'm good. Well, it's getting a tad late, soooooooo......

Jya' Ne

P.S. TO those of ye wondering about my Facebook stati, it was a play on words from when someone pointed out that MIT was essentially like a drug to me. There were absolutely NO drugs or anything involved. I have never taken nor been addicted to actual drugs lol I was just joking about how I was "under the influence of MIT".


Kate said...

Good to know that you're not a druggie. :P

PS) Some of my guy friends had a sparkling grape juice chugging competition at a NYE party a few years ago...they weren't such fans of it after that. :)

PPS) How was Myrtle Beach?

Kate (Who is having issues with her blogger account)

kate said...

Oh my gosh! I have a final four, too. Can't make up my mind...What if I make the wrong choice?

Karen said...

...if you add another college you can roll a d4? :)

i have never tried powerade, when i had mono i drank a lot of lemonade gatorade (2 ades in there) and it was pretty tasty, then again i couldn't really taste.

you're only settling if it feels like settling. think about it this way - you're getting a fabulous opportunity to graduate from a great school with relatively little debt, where you'll excel and meet lots of intersting people. just because it wasn't your first choice doesn't mean it's not the best choice for you. don't look back, i'm sure that you'll be fabulously successful in anything that you try and that you will make a million friends and have twice as many girlfriends :) don't look back and you'll never regret your decision.

best of luck in finding a 3-sided coin :)

José P. said...

Like when the powder settles at the bottom of your Kool-Aid! XD

(Ades, settling, and obscure drug references—see how masterful my jokes are?)

As I've said lately, “abide by that which you cannot alter.” Not only that, but make the most of it. :)

(This is not to discourage you—the complete opposite is intended. Carpe diem: harvest the day!)

Aditi said...

Georgia tech ftw :)

I totally agree with Karen

Oh and I'm linking to your blog