Friday, 27 July 2007

Answers & Light Shedding Info Galore

HELLO EVRYONE'!!!!! Yes, I'm happy to be blogging again, since I haven't done it in......uhhh......a long time -_-' But I'm sure my numerous *cough* readers already know that. It's time now to answer the question that I posed in the previous post. Where was I? BOSTON/CAMBRIDGE!!!one!1one11! Yes, and believe it or not, I actually got to go to MIT. Honestly the only way to describe it is, 「すごい です」. If I'm not mistaken, that means it was Japanese. It was amazing lol I think i got a bunch of looks because I kept touching everything, but I honestly couldn't help it. It's like whenever you see all these pictures of awesome things like a huge roller coaster, an amazing computer, or really big shrimp, and then, you actually get to see, ride, or eat it! [even though I don't eat shrimp].

I got a LOT of pictures, but since they were on bloody disposable cameras, they were all horrible. I mean seriously, I went against a LOT of my purchasing morals on this trip. We got to be at MIT for a whole day!!! I saw the Great Dome [which is a lot bigger than it looks in pictures], walk the Infinite Corridor [they mean infinite......have a map], pick up an application!!!ONE11!, look around in Lobby 7, go on a tour, and even talk to a V.I.P. on campus. It was all definitely a top three on my summer event list. I've already filled out most of my application, and all I have left is my essays, interview, and SAT Subject Tests. I'm terrified of this physics one, but I'm learning, and I feel a tad confident about it. I hope I'll be ready.

Another big thing about my trip was my two hour long trip to Boston! My first time EVER on a plane, and it was awesome. I actually brought all my study materials with me, like my physics book, my Japanese workbook, and my copy of the 2007 MIT Admissions application, but I never got to any of it -_-' Maybe it was the hopeless romantic in me, or the simple desire to procrastinate, but I watched outside the window at all times. -_-' There and back......

In other news, I'VE GOT A BRAND NEW COMPUTER!!11!!!!ONE! Yes, it is nice. Not an Apple -_-' but nice nonetheless. I've also been at gridiron camp. Which was loooooong......very very LONG! Either way, I'm through with most everything......except for this one mission trip that I'm gonna be on until next Saturday ^_^> Luckily I think I'll get rest for one week before school starts [and when I say rest, I mean tons of studying and writing], but it's all good, because I know that on 24 August, I'm gonna be sitting in a movie theatre watching Mr. Bean's Vacation on the big screen. I'm soooo ready for it. I loved Mr. Bean when it came on TV, and the whole thing's just hilarious. Even better than ANY of those other movies. bah, I can't wait. Well, I'm gonna be leaving in about thirty minutes, so I'm gonna head off, and I'll try to post again when I return. Who knows, maybe I'll post some of those pics I keep mentioning. [Yes, I did indeed take a couple of stereotypical pictures in front of the Great Dome] Jya Ne

Monday, 23 July 2007

o.o I'm in where???

Ok. Blogger's corny. I just wrote an ENTIRE post, and it didn't save a bloody word of it. I'm gonna actually write it, and then maybe I'll try re-posting it. Now I'll just say, today's a day for vapor-trails. Later.

Thursday, 5 July 2007

Cicadas, Squirrels, and Moon Rocks, Oh My

Well, it's the last day of my educational enrichment program, and I've had a pretty memorable time in the past month. The fourth was very active. The first thing was an attack by a squirrel. First of all, I DID NOT provoke the squirrel, unless it didn't like me looking at it. Second, it shouldn't have made noises like it did to begin with. Either way, he chased me for a little while, but I lost him. After losing him, sure enow, a cicada [or at least something that looked near-exactly like one] jumped up and flew straight at me. I dodged the buzzing bullet of terror, and it hit a tree as I continued on to my room.

Animal attacks aside, I also achieved complete happiness. Yes, it has finally happened. I was mistaken for someone not from America. *inner bli* Yes, sure enow, while I was looking around in Millennium Music, I was confronted by a reporter from the local ABC News. He confronted me, and informed me that they were doing a report about people coming to America to work and study, and was wondering if I had had a hard time as a student coming to *insert the name of college where experience program was held* as an international student. I was very tempted to make up stuff [and I mean VERRRRRRRY tempted], but sadly I just told him that I wasn't a college student, and he said OK, and walked away in search of someone else. -_-' Man, I wanted to be on that interview. Either way, that's done with.

In other news......
YUP!!! Sochi, Russia was awarded the 2014 Winter Olympics. My first choice of cities, PyeongChang, Republic of Korea, wasn't chosen, but they got second, and according to GamesBids, they have a good shot for 2018. Either way, I just hope they get it soon. I mean, they've been going for it for two Winter Olympic elections so far, and I'd way rather them get it than Salzburg [also been going for it for two elections]. Now that I am home for a week, before science camp, I am reviewing every video presentation that the cites gave for the IOC, like I've done since 2005 [Yes, I know that's only one election other than this, but they just started in 2005, and it's kinda a tradition].

I have now shifted my attention to 2016 since Sochi has officialised 2014. Lets see, so far only three cities have officially sent something for 2016, and no more can apply as of 13 September. Then on 2 October 2009, we will all know where 2016 will be held. You can count on it, I'll be there either way. So far, Chicago, Tokyo, and Madrid have sent a bid in, and, even though Madrid's bid for 2012 was AMAZING, if the IOC awards them the Games in 2016, I will be forced to send angry letters to Monsieur Rogge and the fine people at the IOC. Seriously though, Madrid is awesome, and has amazing plans, but we have London with 2012 and now Sochi in 2014 [no matter what ye say, Sochi is in Europe, deal with it]. I would be very distraught to see Europe get three games in a row. That's not right.

I am also trying to find out information about how to be a torchbearer for Beijing 2008. Ohhh I'd love to be one, and get to hold that B.E.A.U.tiful torch. I'd consider buying one off of eBay like I will do in the future with the others. Yeah, I like the torches from the Games. I've always wanted to collect the ones from 1992 and up. That's a post for another time though.

Now, I've got a chance to play an online game that I kinda help moderate, practice gridiron, and sort through 100+ pictures from my program. I may post some with their stories, but right now, don't expect much. Have a nice day/night/morning. Jya' Ne.