Saturday, 26 January 2008


Well, as promised, I have indeed compiled a list of my Top Ten YouTube videos of last year. Now I know that some are older than last year, but if I saw them last year, then they're considered. Simple as that. One main thing that was required, I had to find them through my own search, someone personally showing me, or some other form of viral method. To me, this does NOT count blogs. This means many of the videos seen on Snively's and other's blogs weren't considered unless they had been introduced at some time in any other method to me. They were ranked on lots of things, but it all came down to my own opinions. So, without further ado [sp.?], I give you, my Top Ten.

10. Chris Crocker's Classic, "LEAVE BRINEY ALONE!" [LANGUAGE WARNING]
Ahh, what can I say about Monsieur Crocker. Honestly, I could say a lot, but I'm not going to. I don't like him. period. He's...ugh...I guess it's like Grandma used to say, "If ye can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all." So I'm shutting up, and just saying that this was a I guess ye could call popular video, but not popular like the good popular, more like the, "Ohhh, that's the guy who kicked Oprah," popular. [No, no one's kicked Oprah to my knowledge, but wouldn't we all know who did it and dislike them intensely for it if someone had?] It's been placed in movies, had spoofs coming out of the bum, and the rest of Monsieur Crocker's vids are also pretty insane. Oh well, He gets a 10 from me for his own doofiness.
Sigh. No, I have never played WoW, but I've heard that it's fun...If ye like MMORPGs, which are OK I guess. The sheer randomness of this is hilarious, and it has given rise to the catchphrase of "Leeroy Jenkins" to people everywhere. It's been on Jeopardy, and on Snively's Blog. A true classic.
8. Nutrigrain Ad
After watching this, I and many people at my school had only one thing to say. "I feel great." One of the greatest things about this video is the hilarious looks on the ladies face. Seriously she looks crazy, and the stuff that the people say is great. It's been remade with other people, my classmates and I, and even Naruto, and is still awesome.
7. The Stick Figures on Crack Trilogy [1, 1's remake, 2, & 3] [LANGUAGE WARNING on 3]
Coming in at number seven is probably one of the stupidest, most random, insane, and crazy videos that includes stick figure slapstick. [and that's saying something] Each has it's good parts, and it's bad parts, and it's WTF!? parts, but that's what makes it fun. There's a whole story behind PivotMasterDX, the creator of these videos, but I don't feel like telling it to you, but if ye want to find out about it, just YouTube search his name, and enjoy the drama. Ahh, the random, it's almost like eating too much cake. Cake is amazing, but too much makes you ugh. Enjoy.
6. Miss Teen South Carolina
Alas, I had to. I hate that she had to completely and utterly humiliate herself, but it was a definite "viral video." She did get a chance to redeem herself, but still kinda went roundabout. I just think she's a bit camera shy, and it comes out whoosh. She makes me want to make a "Leave Miss Teen South Carolina Alone!" video. She really seems nice, and I'm pretty sure everyone can agree she's not a ditz. It was just nerves. Oh well, it was also made into an admittedly funny spoof. Oh well, *raises glass of Welch's Sparkling Red Grape Juice* Cheers to you, Ms. South Carolina.
5. Spiders On Drugs [LANGUAGE WARNING {only two words near the end though}] [Also not good for arachnophobia sufferers]

What more can you say? I saw this early in 2007, and it's stuck with me throughout the year. Very nicely made, and actually looks like a real somewhat documentary. And if that's what happens in spiders, just imagine what it does to humans.
4. Kiwi!

No language, nothing bad, just a Kiwi bird. From what I hear about MIT, this might be how it is, but even if it is, I wouldn't care. Ahh, I love the Kiwi, it's just so [forgive me if this sounds odd] admittedly cute. How could you not like kiwi birds? A good watch from beginning to end, and a five star. Tell your friends of Kiwi! Wish I could give him a higher rating.
3. The Evolution Of Dance

My views on evolution may be meh, but my views on the Evolution of Dance are seriously something. I mean, the guy can dance, and being the most watched video on YouTube of all things, is DEFINITELY saying something. I mean, an average of 6-7 average human life spans have been wasted watching just this video? Oh yeah, that's something.
2. Dramatic Prairie Dog

The best five seconds on YouTube. period. Also, it was once a gift on Facebook. Very nice accomplishment.

1. Zombie Kid Likes Turtles

This is the best thing to cheer someone up. He's just so obliviously random that it's awesome. He gets brownie points for life for this.
Now, I also have some HM's, and some that were purposely left out, so I'll put them in an update later, cause I'm tired now. Jya' Ne, and enjoy.

P.S. Watch my politics blog, will have some more pics from a different event up soon, will be spotlighting the candidate of the week, my "dirty little secret," and will be giving some awards.

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