Saturday, 15 March 2008

Quick Update Semi-live Blog

So, I'm currently blogging fromok my phone, watching The Guardian, so this'll be short.  Monday and Tuesday's conference went splendidly and we won second in the annual vollyball tourney. Wednesday was  uneventful.  We lost  the game on Thursday [horribly] but we won today [I guess yesterday now.  Final decisions come out in about 8 hours, and once normal people start waking up, I go to breakfast, then church clean-up, and then possibly helping out at a local golf tourney.  Will I find out with the rest of the world at 12:00?  No clue.  Either way, I'll let yehe know how things go.  Jya' ne.

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Michael said...

Dude, MIT results, let's have 'em! I've been waiting to know if you got in since December.