Saturday, 19 January 2008

That's MIT[T] With Two T's

Ahhh, well, in the spirit of the recent primary in my state, I figured I'd share with ya'll an experience that I had recently. Since good ole' South Carolina had their Republican, we had a lot of candidates coming through the states bli'ing and blahing about what they think and why we should vote for them. It's been a ride, in more ways than one, and I've been able to learn more now than I ever have about candidates. Even though I won't be able to go to the Democratic Debate in Myrtle Beach because I only have one ticket and dad said that he'd be taking it [BLAST!], I'm cool, it's fine, and I'll just stick to the internet for my information and I'll be able to watch it on CNN. [HE GETS TO GO TO THE BIG PARTY AFTERWARDS THOUGH!] Bah.

Well, I've rambled a bit [As usual, right?] but let me tell ye about my experience. I constantly look at the candidates' websites to see if they'll be in my areas so that I can go listen, talk, and see if I can get an autograph. Most came during school, so I was pretty well SOL for them, but luckily one candidate did show during an acceptable time at a place about 30 to 45 minutes away. So, I jumped in the car with dad, and we headed off to see.....Mitt Romney! As for the amount of people, it wasn't that big of a deal, but it was awesome because I snagged untold amounts of signs [I'll explain the importance of this later], two autographs, and pictures. He was interesting too, and all-in-all, I think that it was good. If you hear that a candidate is coming to your area, I really recommend that you go, because somehow, seeing them in person is different than seeing them on TV or YouTube.

One part that I enjoyed was the accidental MIT/Mitt references that I got all that day from people there who accidentally forgot that Monsieur Romney spells his name with two T's. Now I knew most people realised that it was just a coincidence, but some honestly thought my MIT hoodie was really something for the Romney campaign. [I brought them to the side to ask for sure, to give them the benifit of the doubt]. My favourite quote came from one of the ladies who was working for the Romney campaign in the area.
[To my dad] Well I was going to give him a Mitt sticker, but he already has a Mitt/MIT hoodie.
[To me] Where did you get that nice hoodie?
Aye, after talking to her and telling her that it was for the college I wanted to go to, she wiped her face, admitted that she thought that it was some kind of campaign and "actually wondered what the seal and colour was for." She wasn't alone though, so it was cool, and I had planned on taping another "T" just for the devil of it before going, but forgot the tape at home. Well, that's enough for now I guess, I'll post some pictures and be off.

Also, in the next post:
My top 10 YouTube Videos

Enjoy and Jya' Ne.

Not that big a crowd
[It wasn't Romney country, he got trounced]
[Ok, there's so a story to this guy, but I'm still miffed at him so I'm not gonna tell it]
[So many kids who could care less]
[Monsieur Romney and his grandson]
[Yup, he can talk]
[-_-' Dad can't take pictures with my camera for anything]
[Dude behind me was evil! No, not Romney, the bodyguard whatnot behind him]
[*Batman theme* THE MITT MOBILE]


Anonymous said...

Haha, that's funny that people thought your sweater was a campaigning thing =P I have that hoodie, and I love it. So fuzzy and warm =)

kate said...

Eww, Mitt Romney. Eww.

Also, one would hope that campaigners could spell the big cheese's name.