Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Slipstick, Sliderule, M.I.T!!!!



-_-' yeah I was scared of that......

Oh well, it's time for me to blog again anyway, because I have time to spare! I will tell you know that it's going to be a long one though.

Well, first things first, I've applied to my first college! Sadly, however, it's not MIT, as was hoped. This is simply because...my interview STILL has not been processed. *twitch* I know that the guy may be busy and all, but seriously, I had my interview in the second week of August, and it's been terrifying. I'm honest guys; this MIT app is my MOST important. I'm going to be taking action either today or tomorrow.

As I went to my MIT account last night, I noticed that MIT was repairing it last night. I figured that well, this is normal, who doesn't update their site regularly? It was then I noticed an odd link on the site.

Yes guys and gals, MIT links to The Impossible Quiz whenever they're doing repairs. I've only done it a bit, but otherwise, am not too familiar with it. I keep telling myself that whenever I get the chance to practice the art of punting.

As I mentioned above, I have already applied to one college so far. This college is my second choice, and sadly the only in-state college to which I'm applying [unless I get waivers from a bunch and can find a whole lot of time just lying around.] They've been very kind lately, almost to the point of annoyance, and my father has been stressing how nice it is, failing to remember his own rave reviews on how nice MIT was. I do understand why he's pushing it though, it's just it's getting a good bit annoying. Oh yeah, I've forgotten to tell you who the school is. It's Clemson University. To help cultivate a growing love for Clemson, my father has encouraged numerous trips to the campus for football games, both of which, Clemson's won.

As I'm sure all of ya'll know IT'S [American] FOOTBALL SEASON!!! I'm pumped, because I love gridiron. So far I've been to two Clemson games and one UNC-Pembroke game, but sadly, I have missed a lot of my high school's games, which bites since I'm the head photographer for our yearbook [despite my horridly blurred shots above]. I have a lot of nicer pics, but I'm working on fixing them to look a lot nicer. I might post a link to them, but I've been told to put watermarks on some of them. ^_^> Well, as expected, Clemson's football team is doing spectacular, but as for MIT [whom I've been watching very closely] hasn't done as great as I've hoped [0-2]. I do hope that they'll be able to pick it up later [they play Nichols College this Saturday]. I've actually been watching MIT football for about a year, and I have been thinking about participating in MIT varsity football/fencing/swimming/crew if accepted. [I doubt I'd get the chance at Clemson lol] I'm definitely interested in MIT Athletics, and actually pull for them more than Clemson/Duke/N.C. State/Hawai'i. I even know the cheer:

ONE PERSON: I'm a Beaver!

TEAM (answering): You're a Beaver!

ALL: We are Beavers all,
And when we get together we do the Beaver call:
e to the u du dx.
e to the x dx.
Cosine, secant, tangent, sine,
Intregral, radical, mu dv,
Slipstick, sliderule, MIT!

But here's something that really miffed me off recently!!! As I'm sure ya'll know, the 2008 Olympics are going to be held in Beijing. Before every modern day Olympics [or at least since 1936 but that's a story for another time]. OK they have recently begun searching for torchbearers for the Games. I LOVE the 2008 torch, along with any other torch since Barcelona/Albertville. 2008, however means a lot to me. These will be my first 18+ Olympic Games [I've secretly been plotting the purchase of tickets]. They're also in China, one of the most culturally rich nations in the entire world. I want to be part of that torch relay more than almost anything [maybe save for an MIT admission] So as I'm browsing Gamesbids.com, I notice this link: 'New Thinkers' can win a chance to run the Beijing 2008 Olympic Torch Relay in China*. You can imagine the bleeing that proceeded from that moment until I got home. When I got to an internet connection, I went straight to signing up until I realized that you had to be OVER 21 TO DO IT!!!!!!!ONEONEONE!!!111!! I was crushed and now I am miffed off with Lenovo for tricking me.

Now for what I promised Kate a while ago. My interview. My interviewer and I met at a local Books-a-million where the interview in its entirety was held. He seemed very comfortable, and the entire interview seemed like a semi-casual conversation. He asked me questions about my school, my SAT scores, my wants and dreams for the future, why I want to go to MIT, my leadership skills, etc. Basically put yourself in their shoes. Assume that you are the interviewer, and no matter how insane you may feel, interview yourself [out loud]. It will do wonders. Get one of your parents or friends to interview you as well, usually, they can be just as, if not more, honest than you can be. Other than this I can't really tell you much. Show up on time [and have their contact info at all times in case they don't show], have your info in line, and just be honest.

Oh well, time for bed.

Jya' Ne

Monday, 17 September 2007

A Sign of Things To Come

Hey guys, it's just going to be a quick one here to tell ya'll what to expect. Info about my trips to college #2 and my feelings about it, college football, a weird MIT link, the weather, my MIT interview, why I currently dislike Lenovo, books I'm reading, school in general, THE OLYMPICS!!!, Christmas, senior stuff, and whatever happens to fall at my fingertips as I type.