Tuesday, 19 February 2008


Well, I'm back, and after a good bit of thinking, I've decided on a couple of things.

1. Political Blog will be merged into this one.
2. I still have a grudge against CNN, Fox News, and most media in general.
3. Domo-kun and I are still cool.
4. I'd have preferred Athens, but I can get behind Singapore better than Moscow.
5. Lists get things across nicely.
6. I want a DSLR camera...and an Apple MacBook...and a thick package from MIT...
7. Scholarships have essentially scraped me to the bone and it hurts.
8. Possibililties about what might happen terrify the mess out of me.
9. Honolulu and Atlanta are looking a lot nicer than Clemson and Raleigh.
10. You can loop the 1:50 minutes before getting to my grandma's house to Also Sprach Zarathustra perfectly.
11. I want to be the next Jon Stewart/Steven Colbert.

But now for the actual content. So, what have I been doing recently? Well, as ye can see from number 7 on the list, I've been working on scholarship essays. But wait, that's not all! I've also been working on assignments from my teachers, because they all decided to give us stuff on the same day/week. I'm about to reach my max on scholarships, and I feel as if I've been mentally violated these last couple of months. I've put myself on the line for almost eight/nine months now, and I'm tired. Also, I'm playing football [soccer] this year. Also, there's a bunch of other things I'm doing. Crazy, huh? Social suicide? Yes. Worth it? We'll find out soon. MIT releases decisions in less than a month.

The Political Blog. Yes, I know I never really got much on it, but that's good, it means the merger will be quicker and easier. It also means that through loophole I can violate my terms to never say on here who I publicly support. Either way, I'd feel bad by violating my own rule, so I'll just slip in in somewhere [keep on watch]. Also, ya'll on Facebook already know, and no, it's not Daft Punk. Actually, most of my candidates actually dropped out, especially considering that I still think all of them are a bunch of...well "if ye can't say anything nice" I guess. I'll bring the photos from my Barack trip soon along with my story about all the fun happenings there, along with my Obama dance. So, I'll put a bunch of photos and political stuff up soon, so I apologise if ya'll don't wanna hear about it. I'll also have stuff about third parties, so ya'll just might learn something new. I will also be posting a bit about my favourite President [President Coolidge] a bit too.

Olympics. Well, even though I didn't enjoy the idea at first and was about to mark a loss for Monsieur Rogge, after a lot of investigating, I'm proud to say I'll support the Youth Olympic Games. The IOC announced on Friday that Singapore would be the host of the inaugural Youth Olympic Summer Games in 2010. Honestly, I wasn't pleased with the short list of Singapore and Moscow, [I wanted Athens to get it] but out of the two, I'm IMMENSELY glad that Singapore beat Moscow. No offence Moscow, but Russia's already got Sochi [which has me perturbed, but I'm going to stay quiet and trust the IOC] and I didn't think they needed to get Moscow 2010 too. I like Singapore, it's just I wanted them to maybe get the SECOND Youth Olympic Games. I mean, Athens had the first Olympic Games why not the first Youth Olympic Games? I guess I can understand the reason why they didn't make the short list though [Wikipedia says that it was because of too high of a budget].

Also, we have the upcoming election for the 2016 games. I'm still trying to figure out who I want to win this. I'm trying to decide between Chicago, Rio, Doha, and Tokyo, and I'll go ahead and tell ye, if Madrid, Prague, or even Baku get it, I'll be even more perturbed with the IOC than I was when Sochi was chosen. But why?

Madrid. I'd love to support Madrid, but I can't for the life of me. Madrid had an amazing bid in 2012 and if they have a better one in 2016 I'll be sad since I can't support them. Why can't I support them? Mainly because of all the Europe Games that have happened so far. Think about it, 2014 [Sochi], 2012 [London], 2006 [Turin], and 2004 [Athens]. Four in ten years followed by another two years later? *sigh* Sadly, this is why I can't support Prague or Baku either. I love the idea of Baku and Prague [even Madrid], just NOT YET. Baku is amazing because it would be great for the nation of Azerbaijan, and perfect for tourism there, but it's too close to Europe for now, I want this to be their developing bid. Prague would also be superb, but I'd like to see them go Winter Olympics instead. Prague would also just be best later. They've tried a lot, but I'd like them to just hold off a bit. Wait one election, then go.

As for the ones I like, Chicago, Rio, Doha, and Tokyo, I'm torn. Firstly, I want Chicago because it's American, and would be uber easier for me to actually go to. I don't think I'd like to see it before I would see a Rio or a Doha 2016, but I'd like to see it so I can go, and to boost American activity in the Olympics. As for Tokyo, I like their bid go through because, I like the bid. It's very nice. But then we look at the past and BAM! 2008 in Beijing. Now I know that's a good eight years, but really, we have two other areas who've never EVER hosted an Olympics. Spread the love, right? So, I'm kinda leaning toward Rio over Doha, because the bid's nicer, and I'd fear to large an uprising over Doha with the small mindedness of the world today. [Doha is in Qatar fyi] I think Rio'd be amazing because OMG, it's RIO. Not that Doha isn't beautiful, but South America has NEVER had one. Oh well, I'll decide later.

I'll post a rant about my dealings with CNN/Fox/TEH Media later. I will also include a rant about my dealings with the sheer stupidity and annoyance of some of humanity's speed bumps too. Oh well, got to go. Have fun. Also, check out 21-movie.com. It looks to be interesting, I've looked at reading the book, just haven't gotten the chance to read it yet.


Monday, 4 February 2008

*throws ninja needles at blogs*

So why did I just attack my blog? Well, I'm mad. Mad at CNN, mad at prejudiced idiots, and mad at Domo-kun! No, wait, I can't be mad at Domo-kun. It's just everything's crazy right now, and I'm about to go NSEIN [purposely misspelled].

Come 15 February, you will definitely see stuff here and in my political blog. Ye'll see awards, at least one candidate review [my personal favourite], and info from my trip to see Barack Obama. As for the blog here, ye can look forward to info about what is going on with me [real interesting huh?], a rant [actually coming, I've promised a lot in the past but this one's coming because it's coming {doesn't make sense, but wtf,r?}] and the honourable mentions to my Ourtube post [will include the most depressing video ever, the stupidest video ever, and well honourable mentions]. Oh well, enjoy the break. I won't lol. Jya' Ne