Sunday, 23 December 2007

True Believers Only

OK, By reading the title of this post, ya'll might expect me to go into some long angry post about religion, but guess what!?!?! This is for the other kind of believers.

Yup this is for the kid-at-heart Santa believers. This post is mainly for a website that's fun for anyone [but especially if you have siblings, family members, or younger friends that still stay true to the man in red {non-believers can enjoy it too^_^}]. Now, when I was a kid [I was brought up with Santa, I'm not sure about any other readers, if you didn't hear about Santa, I'm sorry, I was, and this post may not interest you at all unless you know of someone] I was always told that I needed to be in bed [preferably asleep] on Christmas Eve as soon as possible so that Santa would come. I did [being the resourceful child that I was, I even set up a camera] and the presents and tape proved it, and I was happy with Santa. One year after my camera escapade [I did video Santa for those of ya'll wondering ^_^>] my father found this website.

Now, I had never heard about NORAD or anything else dealing with it, but I knew that these people somehow were tracking Santa, so I tried to find out as much as possible. Sure enough, I found out who NORAD was, and their story seemed to stand up. So, every year, I would run to the family desktop and watch to see when would be the prime time to go to sleep. Even now, it's a tradition I keep.

Well, I'd love to say more, but I gotta go celebrate Christmas, wrap my gifts, and celebrate Christmas for the reasons I celebrate it.

Merry Christmas, and Happy Holiday of Your Choosing.

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katekalb said...

Merry Christmas, DPS!

Enjoy your break!

PS) The poke war is ON.