Sunday, 23 December 2007

Poor Mars

Well, they took out Pluto, Eris, and even Ceres, but now, going after Mars? Oh well, here's a good read.

Asteroid May Smash Into Mars


Omar A. said...

Hey, I think I should be added to your MIT hopefuls list :-)

Karen said...

don't scold yourself! it's absolutely fine, the worst that'll happen is that the anonymous poster will get an e-mail back from admissions saying 'we can't open attachments' :) but yes, the big envelope does have its perks. mine was white and i drew all over it.

as far as the fruit goes, grapes work pretty well, and i haven't tried pomegranates yet, although i probably will soon because they are one of my best friends' favorite fruits. i would think that since there isn't that much soft tissue around the seeds it wouldn't work as well as something else, but i suggest that you go for it and report back :)

Anonymous said...

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