Thursday, 20 December 2007

Early Christmas, brought to you by Nintendo

Well, on both ends of the emotional spectrum, my official deferral letter came in today, and I'm perfectly fine with that [the Internet one seen below {yes it is edited at the name and it didn't really say "Man of Mystery"}]. I still have hope, so I'm going to grab onto that hope and most likely strangle it nearly to death until 15 or 22 March. But while I'm bear-hugging my hopes, I'm doing work at school, work and apps [and app supplements] at home, and playing with my Wii.

This year, Nintendo treated me to an early Christmas by FINALLY sending my brand new straps and Wiimote covers. To anyone who bought one after all the recalls on straps and additions happened, ye don't have to worry about any of this because ye've been spoiled by getting the new straps and the covers along with your system. Those of us who stood in line, pre-ordered, or bought one before the new stuff came out, received no covers and the "dangerous" straps that snap at the drunken throws of people everywhere. I mean, seriously [not really], what were they thinking? People actually playing games sober? Please. [OK, maybe I should lay off the sarcasm] The new accessories are a good improvement over what I had though, so it's really nice. I never had problems with the old stuff though, and the only slightly negative thing was that I nailed my cat during a game of Wii bowling, but in the end, he knew it was his fault because he saw my warnings, but came anyway. [I guess I should have made more warnings, but it was mainly his fault.] Either way, I will still pwn anyone at Wii tennis, and my cat should pay attention more. [Oh yeah, harmless cool website plug, check it out, Wii Have A Problem]

[We don't get along, so I love this picture because of how much he hates that sweater]

The new accessories are nice either way. The covers are comfortable, and have padding around the front end [maybe good for my cat], and are a nice clear colour so I can enjoy the modern white of the Wiimote. They are also made for quicker battery changes too, so I love them. The straps are also nice, one of my favourite features is the clip feature. Since it snaps it closed, it holds it in place, which I like. The string on the end of the strap looks like Nintendo put it on steroids, and even though the pictures are hard to see, the difference is crazy. To those of ya'll who haven't already put your orders in, I recommend that ya'll do it soon. Nintendo will ship for free, and they're very nice accessories to have. And seriously, who ever wants to pass up free stuff?

I love Nintendo. They're just so nice and awesome [like a certain institvte I know of]. OK well, that's enough for this post. My next one may be a bit more uhh... angry and rantish? Also, I've finally updated my blog to Eastern Standard Time. lol for some reason, I was still posting on Pacific time.

Have fun, and happy Christmas.

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Michael said...

What?! When I got my replacement wrist straps they didn't have the clasp! Nintendo, seriously, stop making things safer so quickly!