Friday, 14 December 2007

As I Sit...

As I sit here thinking about different ways to describe MIT applications, one thing keeps coming to mind, so as I sit, slowly entering the 12 hours left stage, I'm going to share them with you all at random [meaning that I'm just going to post ones that come to me as separate posts until the big decision]. [Note: Comparisons don't provide options for transfer, though that is always an option, and if worse comes to worse, it will be an option I pursue to the fullest.]

Applying to MIT is like running headlong into a brick wall. When it finally comes time to hit it, three things can happen.
1. You can hit it only to find out the bricks are child bricks of cardboard, and they all fall down, and you realise you had nothing to worry about all along. [Acceptance]
2. You hit it and get knocked unconscious, never to think of the brick wall again. [Rejection]
3. You hit it, nothing happens, you walk back to the start, and run again. [Deferral]

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