Friday, 7 December 2007

Blog Colours

Hey guys, as ya'll know, I read Snively's Blog [I check it everyday]. Being the investigative guy that I am [and one who is a tad overly obsessed with MIT] I looked back at Snively's December 2006 posts. I knew that he was accepted early, and I wanted to see "The tube" so I went to the beginning, and read. I found all I was looking for and more. I also found this post. So, I figured since he did it, and got the aforementioned tube, it wouldn't hurt me that much to try it as well ^_^> So, in tradition, I've changed my blog's colours to commemorate MIT soon to be announced Early Admissions. Enjoy, and wish me luck ^_^> [I'll need it]


Anonymous said...

Good luck!!

Michael said...

Agreed, best of luck.

katekalb said...

Oh my gosh!!!! Good luck! I'll cross my fingers for you.