Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Just For Now

Well guys and gals, I have two actual posts in the works, but they aren't done yet, so I'll give you an update real quick. Well, as you can see, my colours haven't changed, and they won't until 15/22 March for Regular Decisions, even if I may be a deferred admit, I still have a chance. As Ben Jones said in one of his past MIT Admissions posts, "Deferral is not rejection."

Also as a quick update, I'm considering adding another language to my repertoire, but I don't want to add a normal one. I am really wanting to learn a dying or small language because there is something important in learning something that's dying or slowly growing out of use, and by losing something as important as a language loses a culture. So, if ya'll [which I now hear is supposed to be y'all] would like to help suggest one or comment one the ones I'm thinking about, I'm open to everything.

My current ideas:
1. Hawaiian - I've always loved the Hawaiian culture and the language is truly a beautiful one. My dad was born in Hawai'i and I love learning about its history and people.

2. Inuktitut - OK, I have absolutely no relation to the Inuit people or their language [besides Nunavut being one of my favourite Canadian territories], but the culture is also one of sheer intrigue and is really interesting.

3. Cherokee or Lumbee- I lived in North Carolina for a long time, like a good 70%, at least. I've always enjoyed the cultures, mythology, and history of American tribes, and learning the language of one from North Carolina would be awesome.

Also, SAT scores come out tomorrow, and ACT may have come out tonight, but I'm going to wait and check both at the same time.

Well, I got to go work on the rest of my letter to MIT. Talk to ya'll later.

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