Thursday, 17 January 2008

The Politics Roo [A bit of how I feel]

So, Aloha!

First of all, This post does include certain opinions that are maybe patriotic and if ye're already as sick of the election blah as most, don't read. Secondly, I haven't blogged much this year, so I figured I'd open with something I was shown this summer, The Geek Hierarchy.
[Click to see it completely]

Hmmm, but to regular viewers of my blog, ye've noticed the lovely little roo up at the top of my blog. It looks like the GOP Elephant and the Dem Donkey, I know, and it is indeed there to symbolise my avid interest in the obvious election this year. Being my first year, I'm pumped to vote, and with my ability to look up people, ask unknown people random questions, and question people I know on what they think, I'm ready to be an educated voter [even though it's a love/hate relationship, and I end up angry with the electoral college because Oh wait, I'll save that for my other blog]. Also, being the critical skeptic I am, I tend to look at things pretty closely and try my best to remain observant, understanding, and open-minded. So, I started a politics blog. [Also to anyone wondering, I'm Independent, will stay that way, and will not post who I vote for on this blog {maybe the other, but I'm not entirely sure} EVER].

But now for the roo. Why isn't it the stereotypical red and blue? Why is it a roo? And most of all, why the heck does it have a hurricane symbol on it's belly? Well for the first question, it is not bright red or bright blue. It is a maroon and teal colour, and it has a reason for this. I chose the maroon to symbolise the blood shed by our soldiers and veterans. It also is there for power, to represent that I'm wanting the leaders who will allow our nation to remain/become strong. The teal represents my beliefs for the nation, and since teal is a mixture of blue and green, my opinions on the environment. The white stripe in the middle is to represent unity, purity, how we all should attempt to come together for the good of man and all that blah blah blah [i do actually care about all that blah, blah, blah, it's just I'm probably losing you and blahing is easier than finding a vid of a dancing monkey to explain this]. The stars, merely patriotic stuff, and also a representation of my love for astronomy.

Now for question two. The roo. Why? Well, roos rock. Also, there's a story that made me consider the roo.
Mascot: The Beaver

MIT's mascot is the beaver - nature's engineer.

In 1913, a group of MIT alumni came together to brainstorm ideas for a sentimental mascot for the Institute. On January 14, 1914, the group formally presented the beaver mascot to MIT's President, Richard Maclaurin. This is what Lester Gardner 1897, chairman of the group, reported:

We first thought of the kangaroo, which like Tech goes forward by leaps and bounds and like you comes from Australia. Then we considered the elephant. He is wise, patient, strong, hard working and like all men who graduate from Tech [MIT], has a good tough hide.
But neither of these were American animals. We turned to Mr. Hornaday's book on the Animals of North America and instantly chose the Beaver. As you will see the Beaver not only typifies the Tech man but his habits are peculiarly our own. Mr. Hornaday say, "Of all the animals of the world, the beaver is noted for his engineering and mechanical skill and habits of industry. His habits are nocturnal, he does his best work in the dark."

The beaver has since been named TIM. TIM frequently will appear at important MIT events, posing for pictures and generally providing joy and mirth to all those who see him.

So, elephants have so been done before, and beavers [tasty though they may be{long story}] would be going to far into my lovable MIT obsession. So, loving the awesome nature of most Aussies, I chose the roo. For the reasons listed above as well.

Now, the hurricane. It's actually supposed to be a galaxy, but a simple picture of a galaxy that'd be quick enough to superimpose on a roos hide was hard to find. So it ends up symbolising my love for science as well as my Southern heritage.

But what's going on now, you ask? Well, MIT did their early admit telethon today which has me a tad down because it was kind of like someone saying not yet, and then hitting me with the world's largest wet noodle. But it was a bit worse than that because I'm not sure if the noodler was saying not yet or no. We'll all find out in March though, and I'm about to go insane. Also, school work. We have lots of it, see?
That's a comparison of the book we read and the work we have a week to accomplish. Also, no school on Monday, which rox, but still no ice or snow stickage as the thermometer tempts me like a stranger with candy or electronic goods. Also, though I'm bli'ing like a rabbit's nose in a paint shaker about the upcoming decisions for MIT, I'm also going crazy over the recent Apple Keynote from the awesome Steve Jobs [AND THE TOY STORY GUY AT THE END]! Three groups, companies, non-individuals [meaning one person here] that I support fully: MIT, Nintendo, and Apple. Apple released the announcement for its brand new laptop the other day, and it is AWESOME! The Macbook Air.
I would list everything awesome about it, but I'm tired, so I'll leave that to ya'll. Also, the next post may contain a rant, and I'm gonna ask a question for the heck of it. Are YOU ready for the presidential election, or just ready for it to be over? Also, what would your political animal be/look like? Have fun, and Jya' Ne.


kate said...

I am so psyched for the 2008 election! (And for primaries!) The kangaroo is interesting, as is the Geek Hierarchy chart. The whole thing makes me feel better about my geeky, nerdy self, mostly because I am nowhere near the bottom of the chart (do such people actually exist?) My friend Kelsey and I had a conversation the other day about academic team meets make us feel like we're the cool kids, and that's what the chart reminded me of.

kate said...

*making us

Anonymous said...

Note on the new Mac - it's so thin, you need a USB port to convert to ethernet. And an external hard drive, I believe. I LOVE THE KANGAROO IDEA! I look forward to your political blog, seriously.

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