Tuesday, 1 January 2008

A Look To the Past, Present(s), and Future


Well, as I sit here watching the Allstate Sugar Bowl, pulling for my Hawai'i Warriors, I continue the first thought session of 2008. As I type, I have three college acceptance letters staring at me. All of which are nice, but while I look at them, directly to the right, I have my deferral letter, making every thought I have lose credibility because of what might happen. Though I've heard of, known, and considered each of the three schools that have said yes so far, it's a bit unnerving. I'm blessed to have these, but I don't particularly want any of them. It's kind of like asking for a specific item for Christmas, and though you know your family means the best of intentions, they get you the wrong thing every time. But I digress.

As I said, I've heard from all the universities on my tree, and at the moment, I'm somewhat honestly considering [*sigh* if MIT does say "no"] becoming a Warrior. It'd be better financially for my family, they have an amazing East Asian Studies program, and Hawai'i is a beautiful place from what I hear. I just don't know about their Engineering program, and can only look up information because I doubt I'll be able to see first hand about it. Also Hawai'i is the home of the infamous Keck Observatory. ALSO after being told an emphatic "NO" by my parents about applying to WUStL, Duke, and that liberal arts school in Cambridge, I only have three decisions to learn of this spring, one which I am looking forward to with a passion[73 - 80 days left], one which I could care less about because the school doesn't have my major [and am only doing because my father asked me to], and one that I just don't know about.

Now that I've updated ye on how my college experience is going [also, Hawai'i is currently losing horribly if ye're wondering 3-17], I'll tell you about my holidays. To those who don't know, I celebrate Christmas with my family, and other holidays with friends. This year was pretty quiet though, and I was only able to celebrate Christmas with my family and friends this year. [3-24 now] As for gifts, I did get an iPhone, which I have helped my parents pay for because I didn't want them to put that much into a gift, Wii Play, Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games, something to play my iPod in my truck, a Rubik's Revolution [not as fun as actual cube, but fun with family around], clothes, my annual Guinness World Record book, and four bottles of Welches' Sparkling Red Grape Juice [mmmm]. This was a great year, and I'm glad that I was able to spend a lot of it with my family.

I enjoy the holidays because of the spiritual aspects of them, the wonderful opportunity to bring family and friends together, and the fact that I get a small break. I always get happy around this time and usually enter Uber mode [kinda like a runner's high], but come 1 January, I'm pretty beat, I've got a headache, and from what I hear it's almost equivalent to a hangover [I don't drink, so I don't know]. Though I now have the aformentioned holiday hangover, I have enjoyed some things recently that have helped me to ease it. First of all, this news story made me happy. Nintendo Australia grants Christmas wish with Wii Nintendo is awesome, and this is why I love them. Period.

Also during the holidays, I found something at MIT that was interesting [OK I always find interesting things at MIT but this one stood out]. I watch the Science Channel on TV, and I love it [Yesterday they had a special marathon of a show called Mars Rising which was awesome, narrated by William Shatner and included MIT research]. On the Science Channel, there's a show called Beyond Tomorrow which displays how people are putting engineering knowledge into items that will benefit us in the future. On the show, they had a segment about the Australian Institute of Sport. I had never heard of this place, and it seemed interesting, so I checked it out. One thing led to another, and as usual, I found myself at a MIT related website. I was at the website of Sports Innovation @ MIT. This place intrigued me, but sadly the website hasn't answered enough for me, and I want to know more [any MIT student reading know anything more?]. One thing I did find out about them, however, was that you can do UROPs with them! Needless to say, I may be looking into this place if I get a good response from MIT this March.

In other news, the Patriots were awesome, as ye can tell from my previous post and I've downloaded something recently blogged about by Snively [and am loving it]. Also to answer a couple of questions, asked by some people who don't comment but read and still ask me questions *gives looks* [Ya'll know who ye are] I'm pulling for Ohio State in the BCS Championship, mainly because I've had better experiences with the people there. As for the Wii situation, I did not get a Wii for Christmas. It would have been redundant, because I stood in line the day it came out because I had planned for it like I've planned for MIT decisions dates [If there would be a way to stand in line for it, I would be doing it]. Hope that answers any questions, and next time, just comment >.> It makes posting answers easier for me, and who knows, others may be wondering.

Well, the game is in halftime and is still 3-24, -_-' Hawai'i is losing, and this year's definitely going to be eventful. Whatever happens I encourage all of you, let's make 2008 great, and remember others while we go through it. I hope you all had a great time this 2007 and wish you all the best in 2008. Jya' ne and mahalo.

P.S. For those who want visual stuff, I thought this was cool maybe ya'll will too...

UPDATE [1:20 AM]: Hawai'i lost 10 - 41 -_-' Oh well...


katekalb said...

I'm glad you're pulling for Ohio State. That means I can still talk to you! ;)

katekalb said...

On a serious note, DPS, I'm wishing you all the best with college. (I feel like I am losing my mind over this whole application process!)

I'm glad that you updated, and hopefully things go well with the three schools you're waiting on. Let's cross our fingers about the MIT decisions!