Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Preview of Summer and a Rant

Well, I've begun summer. Yeah, it pretty well much ends at that. I'm sitting down with a Physics book on one leg, a Japanese book on the other, a learn Greek website open, and the TV running full blast. It's summer all right. I have, however, taken breaks to explore as much stuff as possible while I wait for the college applications to come out in July. I'm not even gonna check on Ga Tech or Clemson's applications yet. Taking all this into consideration, I've visited my extreme nemesis College Confidential. dot com. For those of ya'll unfamiliar with College Confidential, I'll go ahead and warn you, it's the spawn of Satan. Well, it and Myspace. Though there are a few people on there that truly know what's right, the majority of them are pure idiots.

But wait, you may be thinking, "Oh Walt, you're over exaggerating." pfft I'll be over exaggerating when I truly think that they are all truly deserving of all that they really think they deserve. The MIT section of CC has been filled with mindless drones who think that their stats and "amazing personality" will grab them the perfect spot, that random people on a random website will tell them if they can get into MIT, and those who think that trolling will get them true happiness.

I've also noticed that a good number are asking about "Why should I apply to MIT?" No, seriously, do you know how angry this makes me? Imagine a cat, now slap it around a bit, now pour ice water on it, now pull it's tail, and finally, drop it in a pool full of puppies and ice water. This is about 1/10 of how angry these posts make me. I know a lot of people aren't sure about what college to choose, and I know that MIT's not the college for everyone. These are the exact reason why they make me mad. MIT is a place where if you truly want to go to it, by simply reading stuff from the blogs, or the site, you should just have everything click. Seriously, if you're a match there, I think things would seriously click. Now I've not been accepted, and have strong doubts about my acceptance, and have talked to people who have, indeed, had things click, and then got rejected. Even so, I go by the belief that you don't go to college to get a degree. You don't go so you can brag later about "Oh yeah, I went to Fill in Name of Uber College. It's stupid to do that. Seriously, do you know how purely horrible that is? You don't go anywhere to do THAT!!! College is made to TEACH!!! AND YOU GO TO LEARN!!! YOU LEARN SO THAT YOU CAN HELP HUMANITY!!!

OK, yeah, I know this rant may sound a bit on the corny side, but seriously!!! Bah even so, I think I've used up my rants for today, and either way, youth group's about to start, so I've gotta go. I have another post in the works about the news from yesterday. enjoy my rant. Jya' Ne.


Anonymous said...

College Confidential is indeed an evil force. It began, I'm sure, with noble intentions, but it seems to have turned to the dark side. It's like the Darth Vader of the internet.

It's incredibly distracting too...
--"What about your English paper?" "One minute...I'm doing something online [posting on CC]; it's super important."--
And then, two hours later, I found myself still commenting. Whoops!

I've never made a "CHANCE ME!!!!PLZ!!!!CHANCE ME!!!!" post on CC. Is it just me, or is that the equivalent of walking around with one's A report card taped to his/her forehead? I'm pretty sure I would be a bit weirded out if someone wore their report card like a triumphant banner in real life. Therefore, when I see a chance post, I think: "How amazingly irritating."

Anonymous said...

Hi again! Boy, you're probably already tired of hearing from me. (!)
Anyway, I was just wondering...I've been reading the MIT prospectives blogs, and I'd love to join the team if another member could be accomodated/is wanted. Who should I talk to about that? (I figured you would be in the know.)

Anonymous said...

Hey DPS!
Here I am again to leave yet another comment! :)

Anyway, in response to the blog comments you left...I love reading comments, actually, so I didn't find them fume-worthy or credibility-losing. (Yes, okay, I like made-up hyphenated words! lol)

I like hearing other people's opinions and responses to the blog -- it's always interesting. On some issues, we will probably have to agree to disagree. And that's okay; we're different people with different viewpoints. This is what would make us excellent additions to the MIT student body, right? Diversity of thought and everything.

And the college worries...well, they're not super serious. I mean, they are, but they haven't (totally) taken over my life yet! As for the AP classes, my school offers 7 (open only to juniors and seniors.) I read in one of JKim's posts that her high school offered 30 -- the whole range! Isn't that amazing? I mean, yeesh, you could start with a full AP schedule your freshman year!

Anyway, thanks for the info about MIT Perspectives, and for dropping by as well. Talk to you soon!