Friday, 18 May 2007

Like A Top That Never Stops Spinning WOO!

BACK!!!, well only kinda. I figured I'd jam pack this one with pics and info galore, but I'm not sure right now, I guess we'll find out at the end. OK, from last time, A few weeks ago, I went to my first prom.

[Bah, horrid prom pictures]

Well, the prom itself was awesome, even though our DJ was either not up-to-date with good ole' old skool music or just didn't want to play what I requested [I clearly said "Lean On Me" not Lean With It, Rock With It"] Everyone enjoyed themselves and I was able to become Limbo King! Turns out, it's a good thing that everyone had a good time, because the next day, we were informed that we would no longer be having proms at our school any more until our school does an "Official Study" into how proms are conducted. They banned them because they did not like the bumoing and grinding going on on the dance floor. "Like sex with clothes on" I believe our Spanish teacher described it as. [For those who're wondering, no, I only slow-danced]. The Friday before prom, I also became student body president, which is pretty kool, even though I uber miffed off my opponent. In essence, our school's final prom was a truly awesome one [we even had a limo...that got in a wreck!].

Our school even went to the State Soccer Tournament as well, and even though we lost, the ride there was truly awesome. I took a bunch of pictures for ya'll to enjoy as well. ^_^ v Most of the pictures are a tad, ummm, satirical? I know that there are probably truly reasonable explanations for most of them, but some things in life just make ya laugh sometimes. [Photos will be posted soon.]

BTW, as for school, IT'S ALMOST OVER!!!! My friends and I followed up by celebrating the first day of exams which signaled one more week on Friday by going fishing and riding ATV's immediately after school. It was, as you can imagine, amazing, and I also took a bunch of random vids today as well. [Yes vids, I'm moving on up in this blogging thing, now all I have to do is figure out how to post them]. As for now? yeah, I'm just postponing studying for my LAST JUNIOR EXAM!!! -_-> Yeah, I know, a bunch of ya'll are "been there, done that," but this is awesome for me because it means that I'm almost away from Fill in School's name here Ahh, just a couple more days/hours. Also, I've decided to add something to the side that posts fellow MIT hopefuls blogs too. If I put it up and ya'll don't want me to put it up, tell me, I'll drop it [WARNING: HORRID POP CULTURE REFERENCE] like it's hot. Bah I hate that song. Oh well, Have a nice day/night/morn. Jya' Ne.


Anonymous said...

Hey! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I have actually visited your blog before (without commenting), but now I can't remeber how I found you originally. It's those stupid AP exams...what is left of my brain has turned to mush! lol

Anonymous said...

PS) I haven't read a ton of the MIT prospectives blog, but from the little that I did see, it seemed pretty awesome. (I will read more as soon as my Honors English project wraps up!) it sounds like you had fun at prom (yay for prom!) Bummer that prom is being (temporarily) banned at your school. The sex on the dance floor is, ahem, a bit much at times, though.