Thursday, 24 May 2007


OH YEAH!!! WE ARE DONE!!! FINALLY I'M A SENIOR! BLI BLI BLI!!! UBER BLI!!! OK, that's over with. Well, not really, but then again, yeah it is. Well, if you haven't caught the drift yet, I'm out of school, and officially a SENIOR! and at the end of July, MIT releases their applications for Freshman Admission. *bli faints* Here's a quick review of my summer though. June, six days free, then the rest is at a college experience thing. July, first ten days, I'm still at college experience thing, then I have a free week, then science camp, then free week to bli over MIT's newly released application. August, trip to CAMBRIDGE [WOO!], then Habitat for Humanity, then a week, then SENIOR YEAR BABY!

BUT WAIT! THERE'S MORE! During this entire summer, I have to teach myself Physics for the SAT Physics Subject Test, teach myself basic Japanese [and hopefully Greek{already started a bit}] So, what do ya think? Can I do it? ^_^ Oh well, I can at least try, right? Well, besides that, I'm also miffed off because my chairs got destroyed [Oh sorry, I'll make sure I write about this, it was boredom fun {what's more fun than boredom fun, seriously?}] I gtg now, cause I'm gonna be helping my grandma clean up uhh today. Jya' Ne all.

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Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! I am so jealous that you are already done with school. (Your summer sounds jampacked, by the way. But good jampacked, of course.) Also, I am pretty sure that you are insane...teaching yourself two languages and physics over the summer. Geez louise. I admire your dedication and courage/craziness/pluck, though. I know that I, myself, could not do what you are doing. Therefore, Godspeed to you, my man. Buena suerte.

(Just curious: How many languages do you know? You seem quite multi-lingual.)