Monday, 2 April 2007

A Trip To Atlanta, My First Subway, and the Picture Test

Well guys, I'm writing this post as I sit in my sleeping bag, watching The National Championship for college basketball [Division 1] on CBS. As I sit, it all comes to me that...I SO COULD'VE GONE TO THAT!!! But no, I decided to go to school, not like it's a big event or anything. Do ye see what I'm doing for ye MIT? Oh well, it's too late now. But as I was saying, my father and I both had tickets, but due to the fact that my school has not yet gotten out for spring break yet, I'd have to miss at most a full day of school to go. Now even though I was blessed enow to be able to go to the Final Four this weekend, and enjoy this wonderful view, I'm still a bit disappointed that I missed the final game. I guess it's good anyway since I can't really decide who I'm pulling for. Now that I've told ye where I was this weekend, I'll go ahead and tell ye a bit more about my weekend trip to Atlanta. Well we left right after my school's soccer game [7-5 2OT+PK shootout...we lost -_-'], and I immediately died right in Dad's car as we hit the road, we stopped at a nice hotel which overlooked the roof of a Waffle House [Dad wouldn't let me jump on the roof] for the night, and in the morning began the trip to Atlanta. Upon reaching Atlanta, we soon saw this, and knew we were in the right spot.
Well, after we enjoyed the view we then realized that we needed to get to the hotel, because driving in Atlanta? Please be serious. Well, we got to the hotel fine and even though there wasn't a Waffle House under it, we did have an awesome view of a brick wall with some windows in it [sorry, no pics, too beautiful for cameras *cough*]. It did have a kitchen however, which is AWESOME considering I've never actually seen a hotel room with what seemed to be rooms in it. Amazingly comfortable bed also, even though I slept on the floor most of the time. After the hotel fun was over we left the hotel and searched for a mysterious Hyatt hotel [the likes of which Dad kept pronouncing the Height Hotel, darn you Southern accent] which we were told had tons of awesome free Final Four stuff, needless to say we walked a good few miles, but never found this hotel. We then decided to go check out the fun over at Hoop City, which was indeed awesome. I made a sign [included in later photo], drank some nasty Enviga, and then enjoyed all the swag that came with the visit.
To get to all the fun though, since we were going to protect our environment by not driving the car, we decided to use the subway. Now for those who constantly ride the subway, have always ridden the subway, etc. you might not understand my feelings. The only thing I knew of subways were rats [which I saw four of], the Hey Arnold! episode where Arnold and the gang get stuck in the subway, and that they make awesome subs, no matter what the Quizno's commercials say. As for the ride, I immediately got a headache, but got over it, and ended up usually enjoying the experience except for the wait, the crowds, and the crazy people who could possibly blow up on me at anytime for "F#*$&%*# looking at them." Kinda like waiting in line at an amusement park for a corny ride. I did, however, notice a large number of awesome carving into the walls and ceilings of the subway concourse.

I was later scolded by a security lady for taking pictures. *Insert corny photo analogy here* She then didn't accept the given apology which miffed me off, but hey, life goes on, and there's thousands of security ladies in America, I'm sure. Well, needless to say, we went to the game, of which I took no pictures due to my quickly dying battery. Well, it's getting a bit late, Florida's won, and I'm tired, so I'll tell ya'll about the more serious yet still fun side of my trip tomorrow, or whenever I get the chance... Later.

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