Sunday, 1 April 2007

A Beginning Of Chaos

"Η περιέργεια είναι η αρχή της σοφίας" -- Greek proverb meaning "Wonder is the beginning of wisdom."

Well, since this will be the first "official" post of my new blog, I figured I'd start off with the quote from the first school post that I made. Since I'm assuming that anyone, except for my one school blog post reader have no clue who I am, I'll go ahead and introduce myself. My name is Walt, Jason, Art, De Petagma Saru, or even MIT. Whichever ye want to call me, don't worry, I've been called worse. I'm a junior in high school this year and currently to say that my college plans are high hopes would be less than an understatement. As you can tell from the fifth name I listed, I'm HOPING to go to MIT. lol Not much of anything, right? Just average college plans, correct? -_-' Yeah, sarcasm bites doesn't it? Other things about me are that I'm from the South, enow south to probably be called a redneck, but nerdy enow in the south to not be called a redneck. I'm just your average Southern nerd looking to get into MIT that has a demon Toshiba laptop which works like crap. I don't want this blog to become much of a place where I go just to bli over things, but either way, I'm sure it'll be a bit entertaining either way. Enjoy, and until next post, Jya Ne.

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