Sunday, 11 November 2007


or Ketchup as we say down here [Get it, catch up?]

Hey guys and gals,

Wow, I really haven’t blogged lately have I? I wouldn’t want to let my devoted readers down though, so I figured that I’d write a little bit about how things have been going and some things that I’ve run across over the week. As for updates, I’m going to be opening up maybe my site again for a comic that I draw for friends. I’m hoping to get it running well by the end of the month so that it’s up by Christmas/Winter Solstice/Chanukah/Eid al-Adha/Boxing Day [take ye’re pick]. The name of the comic is Sugoi Jinsei, which if I’m not mistaken means, Awesome Life in Japanese. As I mentioned, I draw it frequently for friends, and have just decided to make it public I guess one could say. I figured I’d start ya’ll off with a sketch that I modified in the good ole’ Gimp. It’ll be up soon, or ye can find it right at the bottom of the blog. The summary and a link to my sugoi blog will be up soon as well.

In other news, I have gotten my Christmas tree up [In all honesty, it was up before mid-October] and have it decorated for the moment as my “College Tree.” “Now DPS,” ye’re asking, “What the devil is a ‘College Tree’”? Well, a college tree is essentially a small artificial pine tree [anything artificial is not a Christmas tree in my book] that I have decided to decorate with the mascots, symbols, or memorabilia of the college’s to which I’ve applied.

Notice a beaver [MIT], tiger tail [Clemson], NC State Wolfpack football helmet antennae thing, and Hawaiian lei [U of H: Manoa]. The tree is missing at least two or three other colleges, but hopefully will have them up soon, depending on what I decide. Since the tree is for the colleges that I’ve applied to, I don’t know if I feel OK about adding ones that I’m not sure about applying to. Considering the price for admissions, I don’t know if I’d feel comfortable about asking my parents to pay $180 for JUST applications [that’s not including the ones I’ve already applied to].

But I assume that those are my problems and ya’ll don’t want to hear about my problems or constant whining; you want to hear about actual blog-worthy stuff and not the blathering of some neurotic twit. What's Going on? SAT, School, and umm...blah is what’s going on.

SAT. Rofl, I could go on and on about my Subject scores. “That good?” you wonder? No, that bad. I’m almost sure that a trained dog with a bowl of kibble and a pencil taped to his paw could have done better than my Physics score, but going into a test of more than just mechanics and only knowing mechanics because ye got a basic book because ye didn’t know what the devil to buy, I think I did about as good as I could’ve done. I’ve also bought a better book/books. Two of them to be in fact for a sweet $66.66. I’ve checked, only like two to four chapters are devoted to mechanics, so I’ll get a more rounded education. The others were decent to say the least [which I will]. Also, remember this post? Turns out I lied. I’m going to be taking the tests [Reasoning {depending on what happens with Nov. Scores this 20th} and ACT] this December. This will hopefully be my last ones,so that I can put the bloody things behind me.

Now for school. Prom may be returning [“Official Study is still in progress], I’ve somehow become yearbook co-editor, and I’m going to try to get my peers to help join in a charity that I learned about at College Experience Program #1. Now Invisible Children is a great charity to be apart of, and I suggest anyone who can help with it, but my school has a bad habit of, oh how do you say......not giving a flying dingo about others needs. Now we do the annual can food drive, heart walk every now and then, and a couple of other things here and there, but when it comes to charities in other places of the world, they kind of just shut off [save for the Operation Christmas Child one, which many do simply for the extra credit some teachers give for it]. I’m not saying that they’re evil or anything, it’s just that they tend to not know how truly awful these people are, so they just don't do anything. Hopefully the DVD I’m going to show them from Invisible Children will help them understand, and help our school to do something beneficial for an actual reason.

Finally, the blah. I’ve currently rediscovered my love for Celtic music [along with my love to talk with random accents], found an awesome TV show at a pretty easy to watch slot, AND FINALLY MIT RELEASES DECISIONS FROM EARLY ADMISSION IN LESS THAN ONE MONTH [counting February][I think]!!!!1one! Music: I discovered I enjoyed Celtic music early in life, and this summer, a concert reminded me of that love. It recently returned when I watched a video recommended by the Ninja Consultants as one of the top five best AMV’s [I tended to agree more with Erin than Noah]

Awesome isn’t it? Combined with the fact that pretty well any Ghibli movie roxor, I liked it. As for TV, the show is called The Big Bang Theory. It comes on CBS at 8:30 EST. It combines nerdiness with comedy which usually can never go wrong. I’m not sure about its airing other than in the USA, but I do know it can be bought in the iTunes store for $1.99 an episode [completely worth it]. As for the major thing I mentioned [the thing in all caps], I’m assuming that it happens on 8 December of this year. I’d soooooooooooooo [o {not zero} x infinity] love to get accepted and get the well-known tube, but that’s up to the Admissions Staff [^_^ = Big smile]. Blast while typing, I just realised that I mentioned my blog zilch in my app. -_-‘ Oh well, maybe it’ll go well anyway[hopefully]. If I get deferred, I can easily expect about a 100 day wait which would no doubt eat me from the inside like something from a Studio Ghibli film [Ashitaka's curse, dont know who or what that is? Rent the movie and find out! Ye'll love it! I promise!]. Nonetheless, I’m pushing forward to my destination, wherever it may be, and all is well and busy.

Also for those of you who remember me talking about MIT Gridiron, they finished their season last week, 2 wins – 7 losses -_-‘ Oh well, there’s always next year. Talk to ye later, and Jya’ Ne.


katekalb said...

I can't believe you have a college tree! That is really funny.

And, oh man, speaking of admission One basically needs a trust fund to simply send in the application.

katekalb said...

Good luck with MIT, by the way! I'm rooting for you!

Anonymous said...

*waves* Hello. I like your blog.