Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Miffed Off, But Moving On

Well, it's over. I've taken all my SAT's, except for the Subject Tests in October. The results, I practically wasted my parent's money on the June SAT. I didn't do anything, except raise my score in Critical Reading by 40, but either way it's not that great for MIT. I have already told them that I cannot allow them to pay for anymore tests; so from now on, I will, indeed, be paying for my own SAT's from now on. I plan on taking it again in November, to maybe help my app while it's at MIT, but otherwise, by October, it's very near to over.

While at my college program, I've met so many people I envy. My suitemate had perfect math and near perfect critical reading. -_-' I've bought a $15 iTunes card, and I'm going to buy the Kaplan's SAT Prep game either at home or if my dad lets me while I'm here. "Don't worry about that stuff while you're there, he says." Apparently, he hasn't had to apply to go to school at one of the world's most highly selective institutes. Either way, I'm going to try not to worry about this thing. If MIT wants me, they'll take me [I'll just keep applying there until I'm not allowed to apply anymore].

On the lighter side, I have downloaded what has to be the UBER best internet browser in the world. Better looking than Firefox! Faster than IE! It's......APPLE SAFARI!!! Seriously though, if you want to have a reallllllllllllly nice browser, dl Safari. But I'm just an Apple fan, so don't mind me.

Hmmm, I don't really have much to say at the moment, and my camera is not "with" me at the moment. Jya' Ne.

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Anonymous said..., fun! Sorry to hear that you weren't super happy with your scores. My only good score was in the subject area that doesn't count, AKA Writing. So yeah. I too will be taking the SATs again. :)

Hopefully the next time around will be better for us both!