Saturday, 25 August 2007

The Countdown's Begun

OK, If I get screwed over by Blogger again, I'm moving to a different blogging site. I wrote an entry, and then went to upload pics. After uploading, I lost the biggest paragraph entirely. I did copy the entry in its entirety before the destruction. Here it is in picture form, ye'll have to click it, it's unreadable otherwise [unless ye wanna read the tiny writing]

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Anonymous said...

Wow...what a back to school welcome! Sounds like you have tons of homework (fun, fun.) do have any insights about the whole MIT application/interview thing? (Since it sounds like you are a few steps ahead of me...I'm applying RA, not EA like you are.) are lucky that you survived the Panthers game unscathed. How did you come to be a Patriots fan, considering that you live in North Carolina (right?)?!?

What was up with the "anyone reading this, did I tell you you look nice today" or whatever? For right now, I'll assume you're talking to me, in which case, I will say, "Wow, thanks. I'm feeling especially lovely right now."