Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Breaking it with a Blog

Well guys, I'm on a bit of a break today since I've gotten most of my homework done, and I figured I'd post an entry about some things I've found interesting or been thinking about lately. The first thing is this:
Now, for ya'll BIG fans of my blog, or those with good memories, this sign has been featured here once before. If you remember, I blogged about my trip to the Final Four, where I watched all but the Championship game because of it being ON A SCHOOL NIGHT O_O *twitch*. I also talked about my huge misprint that I discovered after I had finished it, and was holding it up at the games [It was supposed to read, MIT PWNS, but I just wasn't of my senses at the time I guess]. I also blogged about my trip to the other eastern coast tech. You know, the one with the yellow jackets or something like that [please note the sarcasm]. [BTW, Click the original picture at the Georgia Tech sign, and notice the phrase in chalk above my head. My father and I noticed it when we were checking how the picture turned out, and it just worked out perfectly lol]

After the trip, my mother asked me, "What's that thing for?" I politely responded that, "Its there to spread my message to the world." She consented and let the poster stay in the den for
a while. After about two weeks though, it went missing. [She hid it.] During a recent clean-up at my house it resurfaced [a sign maybe???]. Either way, now it's in my room! and I'm displaying it PROUDLY!

Currently, my interview still has yet to appear on my Online App Tracker, but I guess it's OK, because if I'm not mistaken, my interviewer was going on vacation last week anyway. I'm still worried, but I'm keeping my hopes high, and my dreams higher ^_^>. Well, my Frankenstein book's giving me a weird look, and is mysteriously on my bed now [was under my pillow] so I believe that my break is over. Kate sorry for no response to the stuff on comments in this one. I promise, responses will be in one of the next two posts.


Anonymous said...

Fine. Just this once (!) I will forgive you for failing to respond to my many comments. Because it's not like you have a life or anything. :P

Anonymous said...

DPS, where are you? (I know that I am one to ask this, given how much i regularly update, but still.) I saw that you commented on Snively's blog, so obviously you are alive and capable of typing.

Anonymous said...

Okay, third post in a row on your wall. Sorry, DPS! But this is an emergency, I promise.

Basically, my parents told me to shut down the blog (sucks, right?) So, I wrote a goodbye post, which is currently on my blog. However, I will still be here to comment...I just can't post new material.

Just wanted to let you know!