Friday, 27 July 2007

Answers & Light Shedding Info Galore

HELLO EVRYONE'!!!!! Yes, I'm happy to be blogging again, since I haven't done it in......uhhh......a long time -_-' But I'm sure my numerous *cough* readers already know that. It's time now to answer the question that I posed in the previous post. Where was I? BOSTON/CAMBRIDGE!!!one!1one11! Yes, and believe it or not, I actually got to go to MIT. Honestly the only way to describe it is, 「すごい です」. If I'm not mistaken, that means it was Japanese. It was amazing lol I think i got a bunch of looks because I kept touching everything, but I honestly couldn't help it. It's like whenever you see all these pictures of awesome things like a huge roller coaster, an amazing computer, or really big shrimp, and then, you actually get to see, ride, or eat it! [even though I don't eat shrimp].

I got a LOT of pictures, but since they were on bloody disposable cameras, they were all horrible. I mean seriously, I went against a LOT of my purchasing morals on this trip. We got to be at MIT for a whole day!!! I saw the Great Dome [which is a lot bigger than it looks in pictures], walk the Infinite Corridor [they mean infinite......have a map], pick up an application!!!ONE11!, look around in Lobby 7, go on a tour, and even talk to a V.I.P. on campus. It was all definitely a top three on my summer event list. I've already filled out most of my application, and all I have left is my essays, interview, and SAT Subject Tests. I'm terrified of this physics one, but I'm learning, and I feel a tad confident about it. I hope I'll be ready.

Another big thing about my trip was my two hour long trip to Boston! My first time EVER on a plane, and it was awesome. I actually brought all my study materials with me, like my physics book, my Japanese workbook, and my copy of the 2007 MIT Admissions application, but I never got to any of it -_-' Maybe it was the hopeless romantic in me, or the simple desire to procrastinate, but I watched outside the window at all times. -_-' There and back......

In other news, I'VE GOT A BRAND NEW COMPUTER!!11!!!!ONE! Yes, it is nice. Not an Apple -_-' but nice nonetheless. I've also been at gridiron camp. Which was loooooong......very very LONG! Either way, I'm through with most everything......except for this one mission trip that I'm gonna be on until next Saturday ^_^> Luckily I think I'll get rest for one week before school starts [and when I say rest, I mean tons of studying and writing], but it's all good, because I know that on 24 August, I'm gonna be sitting in a movie theatre watching Mr. Bean's Vacation on the big screen. I'm soooo ready for it. I loved Mr. Bean when it came on TV, and the whole thing's just hilarious. Even better than ANY of those other movies. bah, I can't wait. Well, I'm gonna be leaving in about thirty minutes, so I'm gonna head off, and I'll try to post again when I return. Who knows, maybe I'll post some of those pics I keep mentioning. [Yes, I did indeed take a couple of stereotypical pictures in front of the Great Dome] Jya Ne


Anonymous said...

Hey! It's good to see that I am not the only somewhat-slacking off blogger out here in cyberspace. Ahh, the joys of summer! :)

Anyway, glad to hear that the visit to MIT went well -- that's so exciting! (By the must be MUCH more organized than I am right now...I can't believe you're almost done with your application!)

I have a crapload of reading and papers to do before school begins (not to mention applications to do, er, start, plus SAT Subject tests to study for!) Ugg.

Can you believe that our senior year is right around the corner?! It feels a bit surreal to me! Where DID all the time go?

Okay...sorry for blabbering!

PS) Plane trips are awesome.

Paul said...

Hey DPS,

It's me, your friendly neighborhood blog-stalker again. Actually, I haven't visited in quite a while, so I'm not really sure if this counts as stalking...but whatever. :)

It's awesome that you were able to visit MIT! You are certainly much more knowledgeable than I was when I first visited last year - I didn't even really know what the Infinite Corridor was. :) You definitely sound excited about your visit, and that's absolutely the right attitude.

Also, Boston/MIT is pretty much the best place to go for your first plane ride. :D

Best of luck with your app!

PS) Kate, you should blog more. :P

Anonymous said...

(DPS -- please excuse the following blogjacking of your comments section.)

Paul -- yeah, I know. What can I say? Time is obviously not on my side, as I have been drastically short of it lately.